November 6th, 2013


I'm 25, never had kids, and in an 8 year relationship. I had my Mirena inserted on 10.4.2013. I'd lurked here a little before to get an idea of what it would be like (it helped me understand that everyone's experience is different!), and a little after to make sure my side effects weren't too weird :). The entries were super helpful so, after debating with myself, I decided to post my story.

I decided to get a Mirena after being on Depo for 2 years, and Ortho Tri Cyclin for the past 4 years. I was starting to forget to take my pill every day and my spotting was out of control. I liked the no-period possible side effect of the Mirena, and wasn't a fan of the heavy bleeding possibility with Paragard. After being on the pill so long, my periods weren't exactly reliable, so I just randomly scheduled the appointment, and it happened to coincide with my last day of my pill pack.

My doctor prescribed a misoprostol to be inserted 4 hours before my appointment. It definitely gave me cramps, but they were nothing some ibuprofen couldn't handle. I also took 800mg of ibuprofen an hour before my appointment. Before having me undress from the waist down, my doctor came in just to make sure I still wanted Mirena, and asked if I had any questions. Once I was in the stirrups with a spotlight shined on my lady parts, my doctor did the bimanual exam, which was pretty painless. She found the misoprostol pill up near my cervix and had to pull it out with forceps. She inserted the speculum next, which was pretty uncomfortable, which got much better when she repositioned it. She had some trouble getting the tenaculum to clamp onto my cervix (it probably didn't help that my automatic reaction was to squirm away).She decided to do the sounding first, and that was no picnic. I didn't cry, though I fully expected to. I did start to shake, and could barely get the words out when I asked her to "stop that please." I think I sounded at 6.5 or 7 cm. Since I was still shaking from the sounding, I barely noticed the tenaculum, it felt like a hard pinch. Once the IUD was in, my uterus clamped around it. It got better once she removed the tenaculum and speculum, though I was still pretty uncomfortable on the drive home. After curling up and taking a nap for a bit, it was much more bearable. I was still crampy the rest of the evening and that night, but the pain was almost completely gone the next day.

The first week or so was a little weird, period wise. TMI WARNING: There were some dark brown clumps that I don't usually get. At my two week checkup, I mentioned it to my doctor and she said that it was normal for periods to be a bit "funky" for the first couple months. She also trimmed my strings for me, because my fiance complained that he was getting stabbed. They're right up against my cervix now, and I haven't had any complaints. My period this month seems really light, but I'm totally okay with that. I have been crampier than usual, but I expected that, seeing as how usual for me is no cramps.

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Hi again, gang!

Seems like I've been posting so much the last few months :) It's been close to a year now since I got my Paragard IUD and I'm still loving it. It's been so nice not to put synthetic birth control hormones in my body, and while at times getting used to being back on a natural cycle has been a challenge (I can't keep anything sweet or chocolate-y in my apartment anymore because I can go nuts when in the throes of a hormonal sugar craving) I wouldn't trade it for anything. One thing I DO have a problem with about being on a natural cycle however, is the very noticeable water weight gain I can get around my middle for up to a week at a time (or more) around the time of my period that birth control pills used to keep in check. In the span of a week I have gone from a nearly flat tummy to gaining seven pounds and looking visibly pregnant. Granted yes, I overindulged in post-Halloween sale candy this past weekend a bit but I continue to exercise daily and eat properly the majority of the time and nothing has shifted. This continuing cycle of gain/lose has gotten so bad that I find myself wearing the same floppy shirts almost every weekend just to cover my stomach up because it's so visible. (yet funny enough my pants continue to fit okay around my hips, sometimes a bit loosely even.) I drink tons of water throughout the day, don't use salt or eat salty foods anymore and I keep track of what I eat. The idea of having to pump myself full of diuretic pills just to get rid of the water is not appealing, especially since I specifically chose Paragard because of its lack of hormones, but I'm getting a bit desperate at this point. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, can anyone recommend some type of "natural" way to combat it? The Google told me that calcium supplements may help, and I still have a bottle of evening primrose oil supplements that I may need to start taking again, but is there anything else I could be missing?

Thanks as always for any and all suggestions! :)

Pain Returning - Possibility of Infection?

Hi Divas,

I'm sorry for posting so soon after my last post regarding my insertion, immediate post-insertion etc. (can be found here: but I'm pretty upset and worried since I last posted and have some questions that I can't see answered previously.

So as I outlined in my last post, my cramps vanished on day two. However, they came back mildly yesterday (day four) and literally woke me up out of my sleep this morning they were so bad. And I have been feeling miserable ever since. They're coming in waves so they're not there all the time, but when they are there they peak before falling off again. I'm pretty concerned that they were gone, but came back with a similar intensity to how they were the day of insertion.

I'm also concerned with the strange smell of my discharge down there. My period's just ended but I don't remember it ever smelling this odd... Slightly fishy but not overpoweringly so. I only smell it when I'm up-close (tmi, sorry!) so I don't know if it smelled like this previously because I never checked. I'm a bit concerned there could be an infection in my uterus or something serious, but I don't have any additional discharge or anything. I've never had any kind of vaginal infection so I'm just confused and upset and worried. Would I likely know if I had a bad infection internally?

I called my doctor this morning and she didn't sound concerned at all, and just told me to use some over the counter medicine to rebalance the PH of my vagina and said if it doesn't improve to come back. I haven't checked my strings today because I've been feeling miserable but assume this isn't an expulsion thing. I'll check later to make sure everything's okay.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone here before? Specifically with the cramping going away and coming back worse then ever? I don't know what to do and I hope it starts to subside soon as I'm going away to Paris next week. Any advice would be great. Also, could checking your strings 24 hours after insertion cause infection? I've been worrying about that too.