November 4th, 2013

A Positive Beginning - Thanks Divas!

So just wanted to post and say thanks to everyone in this great community for helping me make the decision to finally get a a copper IUD! This is my third day with my new little friend in my uterus and so far so good. I'm 23, np, and have been in a steady relationship for two years. Have just come off the pill (zoely) because it turned me into a menopausal woman in a sexual sense (nothing happening down there).

Seeing as there are so many fright stories around about insertion and post-insertion floating about online I just wanted to use my fresh experience to add something positive to the constant internet debate surrounding those issues. Most people here know about the whole insertion process so I'll skip the details, but on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excruciating, I'd put my experience on number 6. I took two Nurofen Plus tablets before and used 400mg of Cytotec. I was also on my period (day four) during insertion. Yeah it wasn't comfortable, but to be frank having your legs spread for a stranger (especially during your period) never is! I had a great nurse holding my hand and coaching me through with breathing which really helped. I have heard stories of women screaming in pain which really frightened me, but my pain while bad was no where near this point. The most painful part was the sound for literally two seconds and the clamp they were using to hold my cervix open. The actual insertion of the IUD wasn't very painful at all, I could actually feel the arms being released which was kind of cool!

The second it was over I was slightly shaking and feeling very cold (although I think the coldness was down to nerves) but once I got up and walked around I had little or no cramping. In fact when I got home it was only when I was lying down that I had cramping, never when standing up which was odd and funny at the same time. The cramps were gone by the following morning to the point where I freaked out and had to keep checking my strings which I could locate perfectly.

I checked my strings in the shower this morning and they were a little tougher to find, it seems my cervix has jumped up about an inch or two over night. Usually I have no difficulty reaching it with my 'piano fingers'. The strings has gotten oddly softer since yesterday considering it's only been in three days and it's already curled to the right-back hand side of my cervix. That freaked me out for a minute but I figure as long as I can feel a foreign body that seems like a fishing line (and not the end of the IUD) all is well.

My biggest concern now is expelling, even though my doctor or nurse didn't seem at all concerned and said it's really rare. The doctor even said just to check my strings after every period, even for the first few months. They gave me the T-Safe CU 380A that lasts for ten years and that according to the manufacturers has a very low expulsion rate because of the design or something. Still though, because of what I've been through and the money involved I'm really scared of it happening. So scared that I'm taking ibuprofen once a day (for the next week) to reduce any risks of cramping which might lead to expulsion. Although, my uterus seems happy enough with my IUD so hopefully it will stay that way. I'm a little concerned for my first period incase it decides to expel itself then, which would suck. Am I being a freak for worrying like this? I kind of wish I hadn't read so much on expulsion before I got it in.

Quick question also, my doctor who admits to being 'overly cautious' advised me not to use tampons for the first two cycles because she wants the IUD to 'settle' into my uterus without anything that could compromise that. Would that be normal? I've read so much conflicting information on this. She also said not to have baths (just showers) for two weeks to avoid infection and to avoid sex for seven days. Does this seem overly precautions to anyone? I'll do anything I can to keep infection away though and to keep the damn thing from falling out or moving. Just some thoughts would be great. I'm mostly concerned about my first period, as it seems that's when many IUDs just fall out of place. But then again, maybe those who have had bad experiences seem to report them more online - a bit like stories about women getting pregnant on the pill.

Again, thanks to this community. I'm so excited to finally be a diva! Much love. x

Wheeee! I'm a Mirena Diva!

Hi guys,

I'm totally new to iud_divas but wanted to share my positive insertion experience. I'm happy to be here! First off, let me say that reading the experiences in this community was invaluable. THANK YOU! I felt totally prepared going into my insertion appointment. Although the stories I read that involved extreme pain during and after the insertion scared me to death, I believe it helped me know how bad it could be so that I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

I have Kaiser and had first asked about an IUD way back in June, so I've had a while to consider this option. At that time I was in a monogamous relationship that has since ended. I am 37, NP/NG, and had been on mono-cyclic HBC for one year prior to this. After we broke up about 2 months ago, I decided I wanted to push forward with getting a Mirena (no preference over the Paraguard, just happened to be what my ob/gyn suggested) and scheduled it for my next period, which I expected to start on Halloween. Thus, I booked the appointment for the middle of my period on November 1. I am the biggest control-freak/worry wort you will ever meet. I was looking on here and talking to friends to find out EVERYTHING I could do or take to decrease the insertion pain because I don't do well with just pushing through the pain. I never talked directly to my doctor, but the appointment nurse was great and forwarded along all of my many concerns about needing misoprostol and pain meds. Well, my period came a few days early. I debated whether or not to cancel and reschedule for the next month, wondering if I'd be worse off if I was on Day 5 of my period instead of Day 1 or 2 when the flow would be heavier. The advice nurse said it shouldn't matter, and I'm glad I listened to her and kept the appointment.

I had also heard a few horror stories about the side effects of misoprostol and the studies saying it had little to no effect on pain felt during insertion. I tend to feel any stated side effect, so I was nervous about how I'd feel once I took it. The bottle said 3 hours before, but I had read here that others took it much longer before and had better results with softening the cervix. I took two pills vaginally about 9 hours before my insertion. Immediately I felt a weird pressure pushing out from my uterus, then intense chills and shivers. I made a cocoon in my bed and cranked up the heater to try to sleep through that odd side effect, which only lasted about 2-3 minutes. I woke up the next morning a few hours before my appointment at 11:15 and felt absolutely fine. My mind started to wander, wondering if I screwed up the misoprostol because I felt nothing. Only my doctor would really know. I also took one 800mg Ibuprofen pill 1.5 hours before the insertion, as well as opened up a Thermacare menstrual heating pad to get it heated up for the appointment.

A good friend drove me to the office and waited with me until my name was called, about 50 minutes late! That was the worst part; I just wanted to get it over with. Finally I was called in and was asked to pee in a cup and remove my clothes from the waste down. The doctor came in about 10 minutes later. I rattled off all of my questions and she said I should be fine and it should go easily but had to look at my cervix to be sure. I had my mouthguard in case I started biting down too hard and played Hawaiian music to distract my thoughts. The last tool? Deep breaths during the sounding. I am sure that helped a lot. Dr. Cripe said the misoprostol had worked really well. I barely felt the cervical clamp, then braced for the sounding/measurement. It hurt a little, but mostly felt uncomfortable for a brief time, like 10 seconds. It felt like a sharp knitting needle poking me on the underside of my abdomen, higher up than what I typically feel during period cramps. The actual insertion of the IUD went smoothly and that was it. I felt slightly light-headed and laid there for 10 minutes.

Post-IUD insertion, I felt fine for the most part, just tired and slightly higher up, stronger cramps than what I have during my periods. The cramps mostly went away after 4 hours and haven't been a problem since. I moved on to other doctor appointments that day and went about my weekend like normal. I was so relieved, but the strongest feeling was "OMG I love my cervix so much for cooperating like a boss!" My ob/gyn shared with me that different parts of the body respond to pain differently. That could explain why dental procedures are awful and my teeth are extra sensitive, while my cervix has no problem being poked and prodded. In summary, it was practically a breeze and so far so good! Thanks for reading!

Brand New Diva Here! (cycle tracking apps?)

Hey everyone!
I am officially a diva as of 3:45 this afternoon! Insertion was totally fine! Definitely not pleasant, but not nearly as bad as I expected. It was like 3 rolling cramps. The first was the sounding(6.5cm), the second was when she actually inserted the IUD, and the third was when she opened the arms. My doc said I did really well and we highfived afterwards :p I had some leftover meds from when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, so I went ahead and took some of that 30 minutes before my apt, so I'm sure that helped a lot.. probably overkill, but I'm glad I did.

Background: 22, never been pregnant, in a 4 year relationship, was on HBC for the past 4 years as well.

After insertion: I felt totally fine! some light cramping but really nothing significant. A couple hours later, my cramps got a little more severe. I put on a hot patch thing and that seemed to help.. about an hour after that, they kicked it up a notch again. I took 4 ibuprofen and they're under control now, but still sharp every now and then. I'm also having a hard time finding a comfortable position and feeling a but nauseated but idk if the latter is due to the IUD or the pain meds.. or the fact that I ate Capt'n Crunch for dinner..

Overall, I'm stoked! Fingers crossed that my new little friend decides to stick around!

I recently downloaded a cycle tracking app because I plan to either abstain or use condoms during my fertile window (just in case) Which have you all found to be the most accurate? I just downloaded the first free one I saw
LSP by yasutoba

inflammation and ache post sex

Hi Divas,

NP, had my copper IUD for a couple of years. Two weeks post-period.

Yesterday post PIV i got some horrible cramps as well as a general ache and my lower belly was very puffed up and firm to the touch. I checked my strings and nothing was amiss (strings were quite high).

Pain and puffy belly has continued today, on and off but i think it's easing. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about and if it's a sign of expulsion to come. Can you advise?

I'm thinking my cervix got bumped and it upset my IUD's placement for a moment. But i don't know since this hasn't happened before.

Any suggestions (also on how to not let this happen again?)?

xpost to vagpag

Which should I try first: Mirena or Nexplanon?

Hey Ladies!

I am so thankful to have found this forum! I am 24, NP, and am starting nursing school in January. I am currently on Nora-Be (norethindrone) mini pill, and have been on it for about 6 years. For the last year or so, my periods have been getting irregular, and I have been yearning for a long term method that I won't have to think about daily. I have Factor V Leiden heterzygous thrombophilia, which limits my options to progesterone only methods, or hormone free methods. My periods are historically pretty awful, so I'v ruled out Paragard as an option. I am hoping to get some feedback as to whether anyone thinks I should try Nexplanon or Mirena first?

Here are my concerns with both:
Rapid, high level hormone release in the first six weeks, which may trigger a blood clot.
May get lost in my arm, triggering infertility.
Have read that some people suffer from nerve damage and lasting pain to their upper arm after insertion.
Worried about getting bad headaches and increased moodiness from implant

Ectopic pregnancy
Ovarian cysts (which I have suffered from while on Nora-Be)
Perforation of uterus, damaging my reproductive system
Efficacy after 3-5 years (have read that some people get pregnant as levonorgesterol levels drop)
Reports of depression, hair loss, and the dreaded "mirena crash" after removal

Any comments? Especially from healthcare professionals with either the implant or IUD? Am I overthinking this? I just don't want to be a physical/emotional wreck at the starting of nursing school.

Thanks, divas!

Mary-Elizabeth :)
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