November 3rd, 2013

Future Diva with a couple questions

Hey everyone!
First off, I want to thank the people of this community so much for all of your incite and for sharing your experiences! I made the decision to get a paragard about a month ago and I've been lurking on this community ever since. My insertion appointment is tomorrow, and while I am pretty nervous I'm hoping the leftover meds I have from getting my wisdom teeth out will make the procedure a breeze. I am 22, np, and in a monogamous relationship for the past 4 years. I've been on yaz(or its generic) that whole time and while it has done wonders for my skin, I feel like it's throwing everything else off(headaches, sex drive SUCKS, weird pains in my legs, my hair is thinner :/).
My question is this, should I wait to go off my pills until after the first month with paragard so I'm not adjusting to my new friend and experiencing a hormonal crash at the same time? I have 1 pack left and I was supposed to start my new pack today but didn't so I would still be on my period for the procedure tomorrow. Has anybody else switched from HBC to paragard immediately without waiting in between? Has anybody slowly wean themselves off the HBC to avoid the hormonal crash? If so, how?
Thanks for reading and thanks again for being an awesome community!