October 28th, 2013

Mirena IUD

Hello all~!

I just wanted to share my personal experience with my IUD. This community helped me learn and figure out what to expect when I went for mine, and I know the more stories I read the less afraid I was about the whole thing.

I'm 21, no children, in nursing school, and have been in a relationship for three years and finally decided that I wanted to use something besides condoms as birth control. I made the appointment with the OBGYN, and it was all free thanks to my school insurance. I had to go through a pap smear to become an established patient before they would talk to me about IUD insertion, which I guess it was time for one anyway.

My fiance went with me (I'm a chicken) for my exam and went with me when they actually inserted the IUD. I was originally going to go for the Paragard because I've always had really horrible side effects to hormones. The doctor told me that most women that got the copper IUD hated it and often opted to have it taken out within a few months and have the Mirena put in. She also told me that the Mirena shouldn't give me the depression that oral contraceptives had because the progesterone stayed in the uterus. I finally decided on the Mirena and made the appointment for next month when I should have been on my period. No sex two weeks before hand and no sex a week afterwards is what we were told to really expect.

I was given a prescription for 2 cervix softeners to take three hours beforehand, and was told to take a couple of Tylenol two hours before to help with the pain.

My period decided to come early so I had to move my appointment up. I showed up, they did a pregnancy test, which came out negative, and now all I had to do was wait with my fiance for the doctor.

I have had kidney stones and broken bones, so I assumed that the insertion wouldn't be all that bad. I was sadly mistaken. The doctor even gave me a local anesthetic and it was extremely painful. My fiance held my hand the whole time and tried to talk to me, and the doctor was very kind and patient, but I couldn't help but tear up and cry a bit.

Apparently the cervix tends to try to "pull away" when they put the IUD in, so they have to put something to hold it with traction. It wasn't a usual pain, it was very severe cramps and it felt somewhat like she was stabbing me in the stomach. The measuring was the most painful, but after she slide the IUD in it became instantly more bearable. She measured and snipped the strings. The whole process was maybe 5 minutes long. I was a bit dizzy and slightly nauseous afterwards, but I felt a lot better.

I cramped for two days afterwards,but my period ended within those two days. I have cramped on and off (I've now had the IUD in for two weeks) and I've recently been having some thick brown discharge, which I think I supposed to be my period?? I have my checkup tomorrow to make sure that it is still in place and that it isn't imbedded or something.

On a side note that may be TMI, my fiance can definitely feel the strings whenever we have sex. He doesn't mind, but I feel a little guilty because they've scratched him to the point of leaving marks. I called the doctor and she said that the strings should relax and curl so they don't stab so much. All in all, I would do it again, no question.
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IUD not covered by insurance?! WTF?

UGH! So I have been through so many ups and downs over this process of getting my paragard IUD. Last summer, I went though all the trouble of getting approved for a free IUD; then that IUD expelled. Then, I decided to wait to get the IUD till January instead of reinserting it right away because when I talked with my insurance, they said it would be free as of January 2013. I ended up not being able to get it in January because I had an opportunity to study abroad, so waited till August to get it inserted. A couple months before I got it inserted, I called to confirm it would be covered; insurance said it was covered. Now I just got a bill in the mail for $900+!? BCBS has some explaining to do and better pay up!

Does anyone know of any changes to Obama Care or other insurance clauses that would have been put in effect this summer before August?

***Edit #1: Looking more carefully at the bill, it looks as though the insertion was covered and the $935 is the cost of the IUD. I will keep everyone posted once I talk with my insurance***

***Edit #2: After speaking with Local 17 (my step-dad's union) they are working with BCBS on resolving the issue. They said that the device should be covered 100% because my provider is in network and contracted with BCBS. Hopefully it all gets resolved and I don't have to pay a cent! Further updates to come.***