October 26th, 2013

Should I try again?

Hi all! Thank you for sharing your experiences... I have read 100's of posts which helped me decided on getting my first IUD.

I had my first Paragard inserted at the start of this month, 25 days ago. I was scared of the insertion but it was not painful at all - though I did pass out... touching the cervix is quite an odd sensation.

I have checked my strings on a weekly basis and all was good until I started the heaviest period every 3 days ago. Yesterday, I checked my strings and there was the bottom of my IUD :( I was so bummed and checked it multiple times hoping I was imagining this.

I went into the clinic this morning and sure enough it had partially expelled so they pulled it. I decided to take a week to reconsider my options. I desperately want this to work! The pill was wearing on my body and with the IUD, I had zero side effects, no pain, my migraines went away, sex drive returned, and even lost ten pounds.

So my question is what would you do? My NP recommended trying again (but we need to be sure I'm not pregnant before re-inserting). But I am nervous about this happening again as soon as I have my first period on the next go round. Also, I have never been pregnant, 29 yo, and in a committed relationship AND my insurance would cover in full again.

Has anyone had a successful second attempt??? What would you do? Thanks in advance!