October 22nd, 2013

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4 weeks w/ Paragard - some concerns

I had my Paragard inserted in late September and currently have my first period with it (inserted on my period). I have a 6-week follow-up appointment scheduled with my gyno in early November.

I'm nulliparous, monogamous & married, and was using condoms before insertion. I have previously used birth control pills, but due to low libido, migraines, and PMS issues, I haven't been on them for a couple of years. I resolved the libido, migraine, and PMS issues through diet & some supplements, though they were improved by getting off hormonal birth control. Staying off hormones is important to me and we don't want to have children for several years, so the IUD seemed like a more practical approach than relying on ourselves to be consistent with condoms (and to allow for spontaneity).

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