October 21st, 2013

  • jlment

New diva with a few questions

Hi everyone. I just got my Paragard last week. I have a few questions. First, how do you know if your strings are longer or shorter than normal? I can feel mine but they seem to be coiled around my cervix so I cant really tell the length. Additionally, I'm incredibly paranoid that my uterus is going to expel the IUD. Its really hard to resist the urge to check every time I go to the bathroom to see if I can feel plastic at my cervix. Am I just being a basketcase about this? Thank you to everyone in advance, this forum was incredibly helpful when I was debating whether to go with an IUD.


A little back story. I had a paragard placed last year in October but it came right out after first period, but 1 year later I'm a diva once again. I had my iud placed back in Aug. first month no spotting just a really really heavy period. My iud is a flex-t placed by a mid wife in tx. Kinda illegally b/c the flex-t is not FDA approved. My best friend got my iud from Belgium then she found a midwife to place it. The whole process of purchasing getting it & having it took about 6 weeks. The placement hurt & the days that followed hurt, but no more pain. I'm still spotting & have been for over a month, but I will power thru. I'm giving it till December to stop spotting & if it hasn't I'll have it removed. I'm taking chateal birth control & I've got a tincture & progesterone only capsules too. I will be using those this week seeing how my not boyfriend will be in town & I want no bleeding. I'm hoping my uterus will stop being difficult & just accept my birth control method. I can't use just straight bc pills b/c I'm bipolar & one of the many meds I take cause my body to metabolize them too quickly. Here's hoping wish me luck!