October 17th, 2013

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Mirena users with acne, there's hope!

I just saw my gynecologist to talk about my Mirena and the acne it's causing. I thought this might be good information for Mirena users who are suffering with acne. She said that the amount of progestin that it releases is highest in the first year then drops off significantly. I asked if it was a steady decline until year 5, because that's not much help to me if so, and she said that the first year it releases a good amount of it and then the small amount left decreases gradually years 2-5 where year 5 is about half of the total amount in the whole thing. She said that's why when people near 5 sometimes it's so low at that point that they start getting their period again.

So this was interesting information to me. I quickly realized that every complaint about mirena-related acne I've read, it's usually accompanied by the fact that it was removed within a few months, meaning most people don't give it enough time to clear up! So this gives me some hope.

Secondly, what causes the acne is the hormone imbalance caused by more progestin in the body and not enough estrogen to balance it out. This is why combination birth control pills reduce acne, it's because of the estrogen in them. So she said if I don't want to remove the Mirena I can try a low dose of estrogen. She prescribed me a patch that releases 0.1mg of estrogen that I replace weekly. The progesterone entering my bloodstream from the IUD is very low, so that's why she prescribed a patch instead of a pill. My body will absorb less of it.

I can't find ANY information about this on the internet. It seems that nobody has ever tried doing this before. My first thought was "I might as well just take the pill if I'm going to have progesterone and estrogen in my body" but no pill exists that will result in taking such a low low dose of hormones while still being an effective birth control method like this method will. I'm excited! If anyone cares at all about this, I will gladly report back with my results!

UPDATE 10/20/13: I've had the patch on since Thursday, so a total of 4 days now. I got one breakout on Friday morning but I haven't been getting any new spots since! I don't know if it's just a lucky coincidence, but I had been waking up with at least 1 new pimple every morning for weeks. My back and face are both cleared up, just the leftover flat spots that are clearing up. 

Still No IUD

I'm 27, NP and have been looking into getting an IUD for a while. I would prefer a copper version because I'm trying to get away from HBC. My GP has been discouraging me from getting an IUD but eventually referred me to a gynaecologist. I went to the referral today and after discussing my history, she told me that since I have had chlamydia in the past, I have a risk of infertility because of potential scarring in my tubes. Which I am aware of. However she felt that it would be a bad idea to compound the problem by inflaming the uterine wall with a foreign body(the copper IUD). It was my understanding before going to this appointment that chlamydia was only an issue if it was present during insertion. I should also add that I'm currently in a healthy monogamous relationship. Is it common to get turned away for a history like mine?

IUDs and Weight Loss Surgery

I was wondering if anyone else on here has chosen or is choosing to get an IUD because they have had or are having weight loss surgery? During my research when I was considering surgery I came across mounds of conflicting information about the best forms of birth control post op. Many websites mentioned that hormonal methods that are associated with an increased risk of blood clots would need to be discontinued prior to surgery due to blood clots being a surgical risk. Some resources claimed that all hormonal methods would be equally effective post op while some claimed that oral bc would be less effective due to malabsorption. Other sources stated that all hormonal methods would be less effective during the quick weight loss phase post op because your body is transforming rapidly and may be less responsive to the hormones. For women who are overweight weight loss is typically associated with an increase in fertility. Also for women considering/having bariatric surgery pregnancy is strongly discouraged in the first 18 months post op due an increased risk for complications. I've made the decision to have surgery and while I'm happy with the pill, I don't want an unexpected pregnancy post op. I tried Depo many years ago and responded poorly so I'm going with Paragard. Plus it's non hormonal so I don't have to worry about whether or not my body is responding to the hormones.
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I got my Mirena placed a week and a half ago and then 4 days in, I got my period... so as the doctor told me to not use a tampon, I haven't been... and just use pads.  I'm so not a fan of these things.  She said I'd have at least one more, if not 2 more periods before they'd lessen, if not "go away".  So I'm all up for THAT!  But I'm worrying because my period hasn't stopped yet.  I'm just about a week in... and it's still going.  Granted not as strong, but it's still going.

Another thing I'm worrying about... sticking my long time partner.  I told him about the "strings", that to me, feel like little wires poking out... And I keep reading about women who've complained about their strings not softening up over time.  Should I be waiting for them to soften by a certain time before I worry, go to my gynecologist?  I don't want to stab my poor partner in the penis!  He's worried about that too... I know I shouldn't have put that in his head, but as I read more and more stuff online and fill my head with worry, I pass this along to him. (He hates that I read so much crap online... not just about THIS... but about lots of stuff, as I'm a chronic worrier).

6 month update!

Dear Divas,

I cannot believe it has already been 6 months since I got my Paragard! I got mine on April 17 this year. Insertion was fine not painfull at all! The 5 days that followed were crampy and I wasn't happy with that.. Luckely it subsided, only a weird feeling when I peed stayed. This is still there occasionally. My periods are okay. 6 days and without cramps :) pretty regular cycle 27/28 days on an average. Pretty boring and uneventfull but that's good haha :D
I loooved not being on the pill anymore, I can't even imagine that I took those everyday! An IUD is so much easier and I feel a lot better without.

I just wanted to share my experience if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Colposcopy with IUD

I had to have a colposcopy today and I was afraid that they might have to remove my Mirena in the process due to some not-so-fun internet searches on the topic. The good news is that there is absolutely no reason to lose your IUD during a basic colposcopy and my gyn told me that I wouldn't have had to worry about losing it during a biopsy either.

I just wanted to say something here since I had been worrying about it leading up to the appointment. Maybe I can help one more IUD user relax before going to an appointment. :)