October 15th, 2013

My experience.. Just received Skyla two weeks ago!

Hi all! I'm 23, never had any kids, my boyfriend and I definitely don't want any yet, which is why I was in my gyno's office at my last annual visit discussing different birth control options. I was previously on the pill but I felt like it had made me absolutely crazy!

While talking to my gyno, it was clear that she felt an IUD was the best option for me. She talked me out of the Paragard due to me never having any kids and that they made periods a lot heavier. She told me about Skyla but said it was on back order until December or January. We decided that I would opt for the Mirena. When she went to put the order in, she found out that there were 2 Skylas left in the office and that she would put my name down for one of them! She instructed me to call her on my next period so I could get it put in and to not forget to take Motrin before getting there.

My friend warned me to not read any horror stories online about IUDs but of course I did. And I'm not going to lie, I'm a pretty big baby when it comes to pain. So when I got my period and it was time for me to go in for the insertion, I was pretty nervous. I took 4 Ibprofen about a half hour before my appointment. (Don't forget the Ibprofen!!)

When my gyno put the Skyla in, I immediately felt so stupid for getting so nervous before the appointment. It was uncomfortable but it definitely was not unbearable. Whatever she put in first just felt like a bad period cramp and then the second thing she put in felt like a really intense period cramp. It lasted maybe 30 seconds at the most and was done before I knew it.

I went back to work immediately after my appointment and throughout the day, I had really minor cramps here and there. I spotted for about 3-4 days after and since then have not had any issues. She told me to check for the strings here and there and so far that has been the most difficult part but I always manage to find them.

I know it hasn't been long but I'm really happy with my decision so far! I feel like this must be too good to be true! *knock on wood* I'll keep you posted with any pertinent updates but I wanted to post my experience and also to thank all of you, as reading this group made my decision so much easier! :)

Mirena at 3 Years

Hey everyone! Good to be posting. Long time lurker and I regret it. IUD Divas was my go-to when deciding to get Mirena and the first few months. I am hoping to change that with a check in at 3 years. I got my Mirena in July of 2010 so it has actually been longer than 3 years. I wish I had been updating this whole time but... No time like the present, right?

What led me to IUD Divas tonight is that this is the first time I've had to use a tampon since I got Mirena. That is no joke. My period had all but disappeared. Mean cramps for sure but very little blood. The past few months I have had mean cramps and minimal blood- pantyliners only. This month I am using tampons.

One of the first things I noticed about Mirena were the cramps and bloating. I have never been this bloated in my life! I have gained lots of weight recently (about 15 lbs, no added stress) and libido is VERY low. I have loved not taking oral BC every day and do not miss NuvaRing (which I was on for 4 years pre-IUD). Just wanted to speak my truth. I am 29 years old, NP, monogamous. If you have any comments, please let me know. Would love to hear your story too.