October 14th, 2013

  • talena6

Considering switching to Skyla because I'm breaking out with Mirena, any Skyla users?

I have had my Mirena for 6 months, and at month 4 I started breaking out. I'm already on Spironolactone for my hormonal acne (which had cleared me 100%) and I really don't want to increase my dosage because it causes side effects for me. Aside from the acne, I'm completely satisfied with the Mirena.

I know Skyla is very new, but I would love to hear from anyone who has one, your experience, and your acne history. I'm really struggling to make the decision whether or not to switch to Skyla.

For the record, I really don't want a Paragard because I've had 2 and they both slipped too low in my uterus to be effective. 
  • kkula

First period on Paragard, not so bad so far... Menstrual Cups?

I'm 22, no kids, 5+ year relationship, previously on LoEstrinFe24, had paragard inserted in August and continued hbc until September.
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Best part about my first period with my paragard, ABSOLUTELY NO CRAMPS! What?!? I actually think I will take no cramps even though I had extreme bleeding. I am gonna try to do yarrow or shepherd's purse to slow the bleeding and will plan for my heavier period days.

Also, I am a bit newer to using a menstrual cup, I got mine this summer. I currently own the small lunette, but I just ordered a large sckoon cup for my heavier flow days. I knew I was probably going to need a larger cup, but haven't gotten around to buying one. I will have it for my next period and let everyone know how I like it. Hopefully the larger capacity will help prevent leaks! Does anyone have cup preferences? Suggestions of best cups for super heavy flow? I am open to suggestions of cups to try, I am thinking of buying a variety. I think the next one I purchase will be a fleur cup.