October 13th, 2013

Help! Prolonged spotting/flow in long-time Paragard user - looking for advice.

I have had my Paragard for almost 3 years. Sometimes I spot for a few days on each side of my period. But nothing like this!

I have been spotting/bleeding/discharging bloody-type-flow for a month now. It's not constant. But it's constantly popping up... I'll be fine for a few hours and then there'll be a flow. Sometimes it's brown spotting, other times it's a bloody discharge, almost. It's starting to drive me batty. I don't know what's wrong.

I'm going to make an appointment with my NP to check and make sure everything's alright down there, but I'm wondering:


I've read around and found the tips: Vitamin E, Vitex/Chasteberry, Yarrow... Does anyone have thoughts on these? What about a uterine tonic like Red Raspberry Leaf?

I am noticing that I'm breaking out a lot right now, too. My face is just less happy than usual. It might be that I'm PMSing for what would normally be my regular period, as that's coming up (I've never been very regular so I don't know for sure). I am wondering if the prolonged spotting could be something hormonal, or if my paragard is irritating, or both.

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First Timer

Last Tuesday I had my first Mirena device installed.  I am 41 years old and just have really terrible periods.  That's all.  Never had any kids and won't be having any.  Not worried about getting pregnant, as we're not able to conceive... my partner is infertile.  So for me... it's just about getting my periods under control.  Hoping this works.  I'd been on various birth control pills since I was about 21 years old.  I just got tired of taking them all the time and also "forgetting" to take them all of the time.  So here I am... giving this thing a shot.

The insertion was not a good time.  I had taken ibuprofen a few hours prior (even though my doctor did not tell me to do so) and I had a pretty uncomfortable time.  Honestly, I'd read some stuff online and experiences from women who HATED it.  That didn't bother me in the least when it came to getting Mirena.  Grain of salt.  Everyone's different.

My doctor asked me if I wanted the play-by-play as to what she was doing... and I said that I did.  She told me about cleaning my cervix all nice n' sterile, which didn't hurt.  Then told me about the clamp on the side of my cervix.  Yep... pinch.  But I was "okay".  Then she was using a device to straightening me out to measure the depth of my uterus.  A bit uncomfortable, but still... okay.  (I'd been through a few colposcopies before, so I've been used to pinches and such).  She had to change which side of the cervix she was grabbing onto because my cervix and uterus are tilted to the opposite side that she'd thought it'd be.  So there I was getting more uncomfortable.  I Was a little pissed off.  Taking deep breathes.  Doctor was apologizing.  I was reassuring her that I was "okay".  Just sucking it up.  After some more pushing, proding and poking... she was able to measure me.  Then... she got the device in after trying a few times.  She said it was pretty challenging.  And was "tight".  :/  The worst thing was... after she'd finished getting the Mirena placed properly... and cutting the strings... she went to take the speculum out.  Yeah, because I was "open" for so long, the speculum was kinda "stuck".  I was embarrassed.  :(

I was in some decent pain for the rest of the day.  The next day was pretty cruddy as far as "cramping" goes.  The day after, much less on the cramping front.  And then by the next day, cramps almost totally gone.  Well... yeah until I got my period.  I'm so used to using tampons and the doctor told me to just use pads.  So here I am, using pads since Friday... and some seriously painful period cramps.  Hoping that the Mirena works for me in killing off my heavy/painful periods.

It has been helpful for me to read this group.  Glad it's around.  Fingerscrossed that this thing works! :)

Have cake & eat it too?!

I am determined to prevent pregnancy with 100% accuracy for the next few years, enjoy intimacy with my partner, and also not torment my body with hormones. Is there such thing as having your cake and eating it too?!

I have been on bc pills for the past year but have not found the right fit due to inconsistent periods and mood swings. The fact that sometimes I do not get a period while taking inactive pills makes me question if the pill is truly preventing ovulation. Also, I don't appreciate the unexpected periods during active pills. While I like the benefit of periods overall being lighter, no one enjoys mood swings. I personally feel my natural hormones know best and aren't appreciative of synthetic hormones screwing up my system.

I recently had gyn visit and we discussed the topic of IUDs again. My gyn recommends skyla and has had success with other patients but it is on backorder until December. For the meantime we decided to switch my oral bc (again), this time to a triphasic pill and my "homework" is to look into skyla and get on waiting list if that is what I decide to do.

I know Mirena is not the right choice for me because I am a small frame with no children and I am very concerned about insertion. Upon looking into skyla it seems that it also releases hormone and I am unsure if I will have same issues, especially mood concerns, as I have had with hormonal birth control pills. Any thoughts or experience with skyla?

Now hearing about all IUD options & experiences on this forum and on another site, bedside.org -http://bedsider.org/features/261, I am wondering why my gyn has not brought up paragard at all. This seems like a good option due to no hormone, high effectiveness, and no need to remember everyday in order for it to work correctly. I can see that some may have concern about copper; I would have to look into it a little more, but initially it seems like a more natural option then synthetic hormones. However, in further reading about it, paragard seems to be “rejected” by the body the most out of any IUD: http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/3465526.html.

>> I have heard that IUD’s shift in the body, causing issues. Has anyone had experiences of this?
>> I would imagine sex might cause the IUD to move or create pain during sex – again any experiences, good or bad?
>> Also, I am learning about the IUD strings… does your partner feel them during intercourse? Here is one person’s discussion on string length for partner: http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/3468392.html?view=26711144#t26711144
>> This might be a stupid/ignorant question but what prevents the strings from going up into your uterus?

Essentially I am looking for information/guidance on comparing skyla & paragard in order to make the best decision for me and my man. A third, but less appealing option is to keep trying to find the right oral contraceptive.

Thanks for any insight, experiences, or links for me to do further research in deciding on an IUD / effective birth control for me!