October 12th, 2013

Mirena to Paragard swap - 5 months later and loving it!

Wanted to share my story here since this community truly informed both of my IUD related decisions, and I so appreciated the insight. Thank you!

I'm 33 and nulliparous, ecstatically happily married and planning to remain childless.

After issues tolerating traditional hormonal birth control, including the nuvaring, I got my mirena in August 2009. The insertion was miserable, and included dilators, a cervical block, and an eventual loss of consciousness. All of this was worthwhile considering the benefits I was hoping to find in the mirena.

Loved it the first year. Periods stopped completely, no major side effects or complaints. Fast forward to year 4 with the mirena, and I was hating it. 20 pounds of weight gain, a total loss of libido, hair would not grow at all, intense anxiety out of absolutely nowhere, crazy moods, phantom periods, weird discharge, etc. I wanted it out, but was terrified of the insertion of another iud, and had no other good options. I feel now that mirena was practically poisoning me after 4 years in my body.

My gyn mentioned that I would be a candidate for insertion of a Paragard under twilight anesthesia. I made the appointment that day, and ha it put in 5 months ago, in May 2013.

The insertion was dreamy with twilight. Hubby drove me to my gyn office. They started the IV, and I was down for the count within moments. I woke up with a brand new iud. Yay! Nothing to it!

Went home, none of the horrendous cramps that I had after my first insertion. My Dr. thought that my uterus might respond well, already being used to an iud. She was right, for the most part.

Within 3 weeks I had my first period. Whoa! That was a heavy bleed! But each one has gotten lighter and easier to the point that I would no longer really consider them heavier than normal, just a bit crampier the first day. But, the best part - I've effortlessly dropped 12 pounds, the insane bloating is gone, and I feel myself again mentally/emotionally. No more weird anxiety or moodiness. I have a sex drive too, and actually enjoy having a period again after almost 4 years without. It had come to feel unnatural or unfeminine in some way.

Another interesting and unexpected upside - hubby has renewed interest in visiting the lady parts, and says that with the mirena there was just always something off down there, but he didn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me. Not anymore! Yay!

Don't be scared to make the switch. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!