October 8th, 2013

Trouble getting IUD inserted... opinions anyone?

I'm a 23 y/o female and I've never been pregnant. Moving to live near my long-distance boyfriend so I really need to be back on birth control, and my doctor strongly recommended Mirena because I've had crazy mood swings from hormonal birth control in the past. Did all my research and was pretty ready to get this thing over with. My dr gave me Misoprostol to take the night before and didn't warn me that there could be ANY side effects. I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps that got worse and worse until I had intense nausea, a fever, and seriously the worse cramps that I've ever experienced for about 2.5 hours. After I took some painkillers and used a heating pad it somewhat subsided. That whole experience was kind of scary in itself because it caught me by surprise. I also had a fair amount of bleeding that continued the next day.

When I showed up at the dr the next day for the insertion, she was super apologetic that I'd had that response to the Misoprostol but we both agreed that it was probably opening up my cervix a lot (hence the cramping) and that would ultimately be a good thing. We went through the beginning of the procedure and everything seemed fine, and then when she did the part where she had me cough and she tried to measure the cervix, she said she couldn't get it to dilate. She tried a bunch of times and at different angles, etc, and no success. Finally she said that there was a nurse at another clinic that does a cervical block, and that she'd send me to her because she could definitely get the cervix to open up.

Finally I get a call this morning, on the day of my new appointment with the new nurse, and the nurse asks me some questions and then proceeds to tell me that she won't do the procedure today because I'm not on my period. My other doctor had been totally cool with doing it when I wasn't on my period, but this nurse said that she ONLY does it on women who are on their periods. Obviously I was polite, but also extremely frustrated with this entire process. I just really want to get my IUD inserted and have that over with, and on top of that, I won't get to have one before I move away this week and will have to probably just use condoms in the meantime until I find a clinic where I'm moving that will do my IUD and take my insurance. Does anyone have similar experiences? Should I be able to find a dr who will do it?

Paragard: miscarriage and other info

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my story/some info if helpful.

First of all, I love my Paragard. STRINGS were bothersome a bit at first, but they've softened and are continuing to become less and less felt by my partner, and not at all felt by me.

Periods are NOT WORSE. They are lighter at the beginning and ending and a day or two longer of spotting on either end. Nothing to complain about at all.

I've had my Paragard for 2 months (since August 15, 2013)
I had a blood test recently since I must have an Ovarian Cystectomy, and I tested positive for pregnancy (12) one day, and two days later the HGC was undetectable (THIS WOULD BE WAY TOO LOW TO BE INDICATED WITH A URINE TEST) indicating that I MAY HAVE had a miscarriage, which makes sense because my period was a little odd, more crampy earlier than usual in relation to start date, but nothing too weird. I actually had no idea- it just seemed like a slightly odd period to me.
That being said, one isn't even supposed to get to that point with Paragard, because the HGC is only detectable after implantation, and that's supposed to be prevented with an IUD. But the Paragard may have caused the miscarriage, right? Well, I hope so. I can handle a slightly strange, but basically on time "period" to not use anything with hormones. But, it's weird.
At the time of surgery (tomorrow) I have the chance to have my IUD switched out -either grab the Mirena or a new Paragard just in case that one was faulty- while I'm still knocked out, but I've chosen to get a different Paragard because the thought of hormones when I am already crazy and fear blood clots, etc, no period to alert me whether I am pregnant or not, seems much worse to me. Also, already having Paragard and feeling NO CHANGE IN MY BODY, And IMPROVED SEX DRIVE, I know it works for me in those ways.
The Doctor said she doesn't know why this happened- it could have been a fluke, and Paragard is still one of the most effective contraceptives in existence, (even though the Mirena actually is supposed to be a tiny bit more effective) -don't believe statistics really, though, because what good does it matter if you're that 1%, then you had a 100% chance of having it happen to you, and hearing about others luck won't help! It's your body, and it's different, so always pay attention to it.
No birth control method is perfect. I am the 1%, BUT it's not like I even carried a pregnancy At All, really. Thank you, Paragard? I could get my tubes tied, but if I did all that and still got pregnant, boy would I be pissed. To me, having my period is essential in alerting me if I am pregnant or not, because if I know right away, it's a matter of a pill. With Mirena, I could potentially be pregnant for a few months, thinking that was just normal with Mirena. Way scarier.

Copper Toxicity:
I panicked at first about this. This is what I now believe I've leaned. Vegetarians with long-term Paragard use, beware. Vegetarians lack zinc frequently, and that's what balances your copper levels. If you're losing hair, amp up your meat/zinc intake.
Additionally, Vitamin C chelates Copper. At 500 mg and above, which is the necessary minimum to do this, it can remove excess copper from your body.
Now, I've been amping up my intake of Vitamin C and Zinc- plus a multivitamin, and ingesting levels greater than 500 mg C per day. Did this cause me to conceive? I doubt it because copper works locally in the uterus, but I wouldn't rule it out.

Dermoid Cyst:
I'll have my dermoid cyst removed tomorrow, which in rare cases might mysteriously cause an elevated pregnancy hormone level, but it wouldn't make sense that it would then drop down, since instill have the cyst! Could something in the cyst have made the Paragard less effective? Doctor says no. I don't know!

Going forward:
I am pleased to keep a new Paragard, and will not be overly worried for the future since a) I did actually either miscarry right away (just like a period), or it was a false reading
B) Paragard is still extremely effective as far as all BC goes, and I don't want a hormonal IUD
However, I may start charting ovulation as well and be more "careful" about my partner coming in me 7 times a day at that time, etc, maybe use a little spermicide. I also may cut back on the Vitamin C until I have more reason to believe that some copper needs to removed from my blood,etc, like hair loss, etc. because I thought I was being proactive, but every individual's copper levels will be different depending on diet. I think if I was still a vegetarian or vegan, I'd need to be on the up and up for my zinc and C intakes.
Mine copper could already be low, balanced just fine and I was being overkill. Time will tell, and careful monitoring.

Hope this is helpful! Stay alert!

I'm gonna be a diva!

Hi all! I'm 30, monogamous relationship for the past 5 years, no kids, and definitely don't want any. I've been on the Nuvaring for the past 8 years and have nothing but love for it, but now my neurologist wants me off hormones. I experience strokes caused by blood vessels constricting and even tho the risk of blood clots from the Nuvaring is small, we don't want to have that added risk. So it seems like the only option right now is Paragard. I'm actually pretty excited about it, not too nervous. The only thing I worry about is expulsion. It seems like a lot of what you read online are bad experiences, and expulsion seems to be the main "bad" reviews. This I'm also a little nervous about trusting a new form of bc, especially non hormonal. I'm sure I'll be peeing on a few sticks to ease my mind for a while. My appointment is the afternoon of Thursday the 18th. The dr office squeezed me in so it could be placed before my next Nuvaring is due. I asked if they want me to remove the ring a few days before so I'll be on my period at insertion, since I've read that makes things easier, but the nurse told me no. They didnt advise me to take any ibuprofen beforehand, but I know from reading this forum I should. They are inserting it with the guidance of an ultrasound which I was pleased to find out, it makes me a bit more comfortable that it will be placed correctly.

I'm really glad I found this forum, its so nice to hear good experiences since so many out there are scary stories. :) Hopefully I'm able to report back with good stories of my own to help others.