October 6th, 2013

NPR's latest article advocates for increased IUD usage...

...but I don't think they did us any favors. :(  They meant well.

First you have the ridiculous looking and fear inciting picture of an IUD placing "gun" meant to be used in low income parts of the world/with doctors that have less experience in installing IUDs.

Second, they talk more scary risks then they give comparisons between IUDs and other forms of birth control.  *Every* birth control has a right audience.  There are side-effects to all of them.  There are risks associated with all of them.  Explaining IUDs without comparisions to the risks associated with other forms of birth control to an audience that aren't as familiar wih them and have heard nearly all the horror stories, is not helping destroy misconceptions.

I linked the article as seen on facebook because if the comments of the NPR article aren't bad enough, the comments on the facebook NPR link are even worse (I suspect this has a LOT to do with picture which attracts all the wrong kind of attention.)  The worst part is after reading the article, I don't blame all the nay-sayers from coming out of the woodwork.  But I think we need to get more of us advocates on there fighting back and explaining that the article is just poor.