October 5th, 2013

I feel amazing

I had my IUD fitted yesterday and today, I feel like nothing's happened. My body is back to normal; no pain, no spotting, no cramping.

Yesterday I was quite nervous getting it done; my legs were shaking, I was sweating and I couldn't look. I know there are so many horror stories out there but trust me, it probably won't be as bad as some people make it. After mine was fitted my first words were "it wasn't even that bad".

Yes, there was pain, but that's inevitable, but the pain was endurable, it wasn't something you would die over. When they put it in, it was a moment of not-quite-intense-but-really-painful pain, which a little kid could probably cope with. Afterwards I was bleeding for about 5 hours cramping for about 12, but I started feeling better towards the night time - I even went out jogging.

Today, I feel wonderful, like there's nothing there! 

Paragard Period 2 weeks early?

Hi everyone, I just had ParaGard inserted 2 weeks ago at the end of my last period and I've already started again. At first I thought it might just be spotting but I actually have a medium to heavy flow now and was wondering if this was normal. I'm not technically due until the 18th. Prior to paragard I was on nuvaring, I'm 24 and NP. I do understand that it can be a bit crazy for a few months, I've had a Mirena IUD before that was just not for me, but this seems a bit too early. Any similar experiences?