October 4th, 2013

Just had Mirena inserted!


After months of deliberation...I had Mirena put in this morning. About me....24/ no kids/ been on hbc for about 8 years. Decided I wanted something I didn't have to take everyday and was very effective at the same time. I wanted to try the Skyla but it is currently backordered, and didn't know if I was ready for 0 hormones and a raging period that comes along with Paraguard.

So my Dr. recommended I get it done while on my period, I did. She also prescribed me Cytotec/Misoprostol to soften things up down there... and she said it worked wonders..everything slid right in easily where it was supposed to be. I took about 800mg of Motrin before to help with cramps...but it didn't help :)
It hurts. Yes. but it is not unbearable and it only lasts about 30 seconds! I instantly broke out in a sweat...got nauseous, etc (totally normal) but laid down for a couple minutes and was up and walking out the office within 5 mins. Now I'm vegged out on the couch with a Gatorade and just resting. All I feel is typical "period cramps" ironic because after so many years on the pill I forgot what they felt like lol

My Dr. said she has 5 additional people getting the Mirena put in today after me, and that she has one herself. Apparently its gaining ALOT of popularity (thanks to this community probably :) ) She also said that all of the negative reviews are from the small % of people who react poorly to either hormones or having a foreign object in their body, she has had 0 complaints from anyone that has one.

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress/ how things change...but overall I feel great so far. Going to work this afternoon and planning to get up and do my 1/2 marathon training like normal. We'll see :)

20 years old, just had mirena inserted yesterday

Hi everyone, I am new to this community on live journal as you can see I just had mirena inserted yesterday. I was on the combination pill for 2 years and recently became sexually active this past summer with my boyfriend and we used condoms every time however I am super paranoid about becoming pregnant as I do not want kids yet. I heard the mirena was more effective and even more effective than women who have their tubes tied. I went to see a new gyn doctor and he said he would give one to me, since my older one wouldn't because of the fact I never had kids. They told me they would insert it during my next period which was due yesterday and started off with the light spotting as it usually does, but ever since I had the mirena inserted the bleeding stopped. I am confused? Has anyone else had this happen to them or similar? I can't be pregnant I mean they tested me at my initial appointment and right before the insertion and it was negative, and wouldn't they be able to tell by looking at my uterus/cervix?
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Short strings and sore breasts!

Hello everyone and happy fall!
I really should become more involved in this community because everyone is so helpful and nice.
I had a few questions on my Mirena IUD come up in the past few days. First of all, I love this birth control so far. I am 27, NP and have not had a period since the first month I had the IUD inserted. I had it inserted at the end of March 2013.
The past couple days my breasts have been pretty sore and my nipples are very sensitive! I checked my strings and I can only feel the tips of them (they are usually about an inch long.) From my period tracker, I believe I am in the middle of my cycle so I am assuming this is ovulation? I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both negative. Can anyone shed some light? I do not remember what ovulation feels like!
I had a colposcopy almost 3 weeks ago (which came back with no abnormalities - woohoo!) and the doctor mentioned my strings looked fine and in the correct place. I have not had cramps besides occasionally after intercourse so I am assuming they are just shorter due to the time of my cycle.
Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


For those who have read too many Mirena horror stories...

I'm a 28 year old female living in NYC. I consider myself childfree, though I'm open to my opinion someday changing... but I don't think it will. ;) I started hormonal BC at age 13 due to incredibly bad cramps and nausea every period. I don't know what my life would be like as a post-pubescent adult without having some sort of pill to take. That's sad.

I've been wanting an IUD for a while, but due to a couple of bad paps, I haven't been considered a good candidate. After 2 clear paps and a good colposcopy, I was given the green light. My individual Aetna PPO actually covered the device 100% (the only good thing it's ever done for me!). But I was terrified by the prospect of the pain involved. I spoke to my gynecologist directly about it -- I have the best "gay gynecologist" ever (self dubbed, not categorizing, he's fabulous), who I can talk about ANYTHING bluntly with -- and he told me he'd totally give me a cervical block and valium. He also said he'd done a lot of IUDs, and only ever had 1 reject, and it was a Paraguard. The Mirena came in faster than anticipated, so we were able to schedule the procedure for the 4th day of my period.

About an hour beforehand, I took a vicodin given by a friend. So when I arrived at the office, he came out with a cup with one big pill and one small pill and told me, "I got you a valium AND a vicodin!" I admitted I'd already had a vicodin, so I grabbed the big pill and swallowed. He grinned and was like, "Wait, which one did you take?" "The big one." "That was the vicodin." Oops. I explained mine was a little one I had already taken, and he laughed, explaining, "They give the doctors the good stuff. You'll be fine." I took the valium and sat for about 15 minutes. I felt like this calming cloud pressed down on me. It was very nice, as someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with anything but the occasional night of party drinking. ;)

We went back into the room, and I mounted the stirrups. He got the cervical block -- that thing is a huge needle, admittedly, but years of allergy shots got me over that phobia -- and it felt like a pinch as it was administered, with a little burning from the injection itself. Nothing killer. Then he asked me to cough. I assumed it was to see something, so went ahead. "Did that hurt?" "Did what hurt?" "Haha, good." Apparently, we were through the cervix!

He said he was almost done. I'm not sure if it was the sounding or when he actually inserted that actually did hurt... like, one really bad cramp. My legs quivered a little. And then he announced: "DONE! Go home and have some cocktails." That was it? Amazing. I sounded at 7cm. He applauded me for doing enough research to ask. Be informed!

I went on down to the street where my DB was supposed to be waiting with the car... only to discover he was not there, but stuck in traffic. Graah. To his benefit, I asked him to drive to an office 30 feet from Grand Central around 4:30p. So I wandered a little up and down the block... and that's when the cramps did start. Nothing terrible. But cramps. I begged him to hurry the fuck up, cut a cab driver, do SOMETHING. :) Soon, he pulled up, with my heating pad already plugged in to the dash. Good man.
The car ride home was the worst part. This can be attributed to stop and go NYC traffic and more potholes than should possibly be legal. I think if I had not been bouncing around like a bingo ball, this portion would have been much better. Once I got home an hour later, I curled up in bed, and the cramps died down. I ate some twizzlers. I fell asleep. For 12 hours. So much for the wild and crazy things I was planning on doing while on vicodin and valium.

I awoke the next morning... to.. nothing. My spotting hasn't been blood, but the betadine and whatever the brown clotting stuff is. Virtually no blood. I've had no cramps. No, seriously, nothing. I went to work, came home, had movie night, and today I'm cleaning my house. I've reached up there to feel the strings, clean up a bit. I have the feeling like oh, there's something in there!, but it may be psychosomatic.
Going into this procedure, I had heard horror stories online, bad stories from friends. I think having a good doctor who listens to your needs and understands this is not fun is super important. (If you're in the NYC area, I couldn't recommend Dr. Sean Henry at Grand Central OBGYN more if he paid me. I love this man.) But even more importantly, going to someone who has DONE THIS A LOT OF TIMES. It was swift, efficient, and I swear I was on the table for maybe all of 3 minutes. Be informed of what's going on. It's your body. Don't be afraid to ask for pain meds. Why make it worse than it has to be?

I'd love to talk to anyone considering the procedure. I am so happy I did it. AMA. Or not. But I just wanted to throw it out there that I feel like the reviews you see online are like Yelp. People don't write things unless they have something to complain about, usually. The people who have it done and it goes well go about their happy lives and don't normally write. Luckily, I am a nerd, so I feel the need to social media the shit out of it.

tl;dr 3 minutes on the table. Cervical block, valium, vicodin. 1 big cramp during insertion, an hour or so of mild cramps after. No signs of cramping or bleeding since. Happy childfree camper.