October 2nd, 2013

Finally taking the plunge!

Hello all!

After much deliberation..I will be finally getting Mirena inserted on Friday. I wanted Skyla, however it is currently on backorder in my area and my insurance only partially covers it (full coverage on Mirena). I will be having the insertion while on my period, as recommended by my doctor, however she also prescribed me Cytotec/ Misoprostol. Has anyone else inserted this prior to IUD insertion?? I'm just wondering if it will help additionally or not, its kinda strange to me. I was already planning on taking Motrin beforehand. I'll post an update after its in! Glad to finally be leaving the pill in the dust.

Almost One Month with Mirena~ Question

Hi divas!
I had my Mirena placed 3 weeks ago today. It has been pretty good so far, no real cramping or spotting after insertion.
A little back info: I had been on the pill continuously for about 13 years for heavy bleeding. I have not really had a period all that time, except when I would give my body a break every 4 months or so. During that placebo week, I'd only spot a bit if at all.
I was hoping that because my body was already used to not having a period, switching to Mirena would be no big deal and I'd have no real period at all or very light.
I was on the placebo week when it was inserted and I did not really spot that week which should've been a period. This weekend, I have started a period, considerably lighter than I would've had 13 years ago, but still needed to wear a pad or a regular tampon.
Is there still hope that I will lighten periods or eliminate all together? I just assumed that since my body already worked that way, it would stay that way.
I can't tell you what a bummer it is to worry about pads and tampons again! (I am such a baby :)