September 30th, 2013

Should I remplace my IUD??

Hey IUD Folks,

I've been waffling back and forth on this question for days, so I thought I'd see if anybody has any thoughts about my dilemma. I am currently 28yrs old, living in Canada, have had a Flexi-T 300 for 2yrs 3mos, and don't want kids until at least 3 yrs from now (if at all). My fiance (who is not an American citizen) works in the States. We will be getting married in January and I will join him when I have a visa. Right now he has one of those "emergency only" insurance packages, and I'm hoping he'll get a better one in anticipation of my joining him, but I can't be sure of that. I am torn on whether or not to replace my IUD. Fiance doesn't care either way. Here are my pros and cons:

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Thanks all!

PS: First try with a cut, let me know if it works!! (*fingers crossed for my dubious computer skills*)

How long did y'all spot for after IUD insertion?


I got my second Mirena put in about a month ago, and I'm still spotting. It sucks! My husband and I wanna have care-free, spontaneous sex! It sort of takes the romance out when it's all "Ok, lemme go in the bathroom and get rid of this pad - you put a dirty black shirt down!"

How long did y'all spot for after getting your IUDs inserted?
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Paragard - Copper Toxicity

Hi all,

I am 21, with no children, and I got the Paragard IUD inserted about 2 months ago. Other than the heavy periods, everything seems to be going okay. However, I have noticed some slight changes and I am not sure if they can be attributed to my IUD. I've kind of noticed that I am losing a bit more hair than usual and it seems more sparse in some areas. I tend to be oblivious to those sorts of things but it is definitely changing. My moods have been all over the place as well even though life is going well, which is unusual for me (random bouts of anxiety that I can't attribute to other factors, fatigue, etc.) Another big one for me has been back pain! I've never had lower back pain before in my life, but in the past month or so I've had more than ever before.  Have any of you ladies experienced similar things post insertion?

I tried to do some research on these side effects and copper toxicity did come up. There seems to be only sparse information on copper toxicity related to copper IUDs, and they don't seem to be from credible sources. I am thinking about going to my doctor but I'm not sure how to present the issue...

Any info would be greatly appreciated!