September 28th, 2013

Which IUD??

Hi im a little indecisive here and im hoping you guys can help me decide!

Ok im 24 yrs old, no kids, irregular periods ( surprisingly they're light when i do get them) and ive been thinking about getting an IUD just not sure which of the 3,(Mirena,Skyla & Paragard) im leaning more towards Skyla and Paragard since i prefer hormone free even though Skyla does have hormones but lower than Mirena

Is there a chance the Paragard can make my light periods heavy?
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One week with paragard

Hey guys, I know reading about every stage of diva-dom really helped me finalize my decision to get an iud, so here's a one week update!

-My insertion went very well, not much pain.
-I felt death cramps that made me lightheaded later that day so I went home and laid down.
-The cramps lasted 2 days then completely stopped.
-I had moderate spotting(almost like my period starting over; it had just ended when I got the paragard inserted) for 4 days, then that completely stopped also.
-I felt my strings for the first time today! I wanted to wait until the spotting stopped so I wouldn't cause an infection/so it wouldn't hurt, so I just felt for them today. They seem very long(the dr said she would leave them long at first because they can always be trimmed later but you cant undo it). I did not expect them to feel so long. But there is definitely nothing hard or feeling like plastic or a bump anywhere near my cervix so I'm going to assume the thing is in place.

Part of me really wants to opt for an ultrasound to be sure but the Dr made it clear she thinks that's ridiculous and a waste of money if there are no indicators of problems. :/ I might still do it.

First Paragard period - was that it?

So after switching from Mirena to Paragard (I had regular 1-2 days spotting on Mirena every 28 days) my "period" came right on time with the Paragard. Had the usual moodiness, excessive hunger and back pain I always have before my period. I was preparing myself for a painful hemorrhage with Paragard. Off any birth control I have VERY LIGHT, practically nonexistent periods. Anyway, my "period" this time was 4 days of very light spotting, not really enough to use a tampon (ie a little too dry), it kept starting and stopping too. And no cramps. Now its completely done. Is this just too good to be true? Is the real Paragard period yet to come? NOt that I'm complaining, I hope it stays this way, just not what I was expecting. Anyone else have their periods stay really light on Paragard? Maybe its because I switched from Mirena?


Hey all!

I've had my beloved paragard for 6-1/2 wonderful years now and have no intention of ever losing it. However, my latest Pap came back abnormal and I have to schedule a colposcopy. Admittedly, I'm a bit freaked out about the procedure-- who wouldn't be? But even more than that I'm afraid it could end in the loss of my IUD! I'm probably not a good candidate for a new one because when I got this one, I only sounded at 5cm & though I won the fight to get it inserted, I was told then that if I expelled, I wouldn't be given a new one. Not to mention, I'm not so sure I could afford it right now!

I've read about it online & I know a colposcopy doesn't mean I'd have to lose my IUD, but it would really make me feel better just to hear a couple words from someone who's been there? Pretty please?