September 24th, 2013


Period problems

Hey Divas!

I've had my Mirena since Feb 2011, and things have been going amazingly until recently.

I had the no-period reaction for the longest time, and lovessss it. That is, until July. At the end of July, I had some spotting/a period. Super weird, but happens sometimes. Then again in August a bit longer and a bit heavier, and now again, in September for everrrr (not ever- but like a week, which, after 2.5 years without one it seems like FOREVER).

WHY?! Is something wrong? I know periods happen with these things sometimes, but it seems super random. And I'd like it to stop. Ideas?

Paragard- Success

Paragard- Insertion (SUCCESS!)
Hello Everyone! I have been a lurker on IUD Diva for the past few weeks. A bit about myself: 27 y/o, no children, married, a Registered Nurse. I had a very good idea of the efficacy of IUD's, insertion process, side effects, and (gulp) the risks involved during and after the procedure. I also understood that everyone's experiences will be different. So here is mine in a nut shell:

A. I chose the Paragard because I didn't want to deal with hormones anymore.
B. I also chose (and was supported by my doctor)to have my insertion during my period. I think this was the greatest factor of my insertion being as good as it was. Both the external os and internal os of my cervix were open naturally because it was only my second day of bleeding. All three dilators were inserted very easily d/t this. Much of the pain people feel is during the sounding (measuring portion) and if one or both of the os are closed, more pressure has to be applied to push through which translates to pain.
C. I did not take the misoprostel (cervix softner) medication because while this medication sofens the cervix, it can also cause more cramping after the procedure. No go for me. I did take 800 mg of advil liqu-gel 30 mins prior to procedure.
D. There was minor discomfort during insertion. I equate the discomfort to the feeling of getting your cervix cells scraped during a pap smear. Except it feel deeper or "farther up". I practiced deep breathing exercises throughout the whole thing which REALLY helped. When I felt the discomfort I breathed right through it and it helped. Discomfort lasted maybe 15-20 seconds. Then done. My doctor cuts the strings, I slowly sat up and the first thing I said "'re really good at those!"

Conclusion: It's approximately one hour after the procedure; no cramps. Yeah, you read right, NO. CRAMPS. No discomfort, no pain. I came to work and have no reservations about making it through the rest of the day. I do plan to take another 800 mg of advil liqu-gel this evening and two doses tomorrow to get ahead of any pain/ discomfort I may have. I also plan to use pads for the rest of my period. (Neither of those were recommendations made by my doctor. My choices completely.) I will update as I get farther along on my new journey with the Paragard. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! I am a happy IUD DIVA!

Skyla- 3 months

I got my skyla 3 months ago, and wanted to report my "findings" LOL.

I had a Mirena for 3 years before getting it removed (long story, loved it though), and ended up getting a Skyla a couple months after that. My doc recommended it because I haven't had any babies yet, and it's meant for people like me (it's smaller). Plus, the 3-year timeline works for my family planning goals (I hope to start a family in 2 years).

So far, it's been pretty smooth going. My periods have been coming pretty regularly every 25-30 days (ish), but have gotten lighter and lighter. Now they're just a couple days of spotting. So that's good! I also generally have very little cramping.

When I got my Mirena, I'd have random stabby cramps every now and then for the first few months. I haven't had any of those with Skyla. (Maybe because it's smaller?)

I haven't had any mood swings, and honestly, my hormones seem to feel more "natural" than they did on Mirena. I get REALLY into my boyfriend (if ya know what I mean) during certain times of the month, which I didn't really get on Mirena. But that's basically it. I haven't had the OMG-I'M-GOING-TO-MURDER-YOU mood swings that I got once in a while on other hormonal birth controls.

I have acne (have always had it), and it doesn't seem to affect that at all. It tends to fluctuate with stress, diet, and the time of the month just like it always has.

As far as effectiveness, it's working for me! We don't use any other "back up" method, and I'm not pregnant after 3 months, so I'd say it's effective.

I've lost weight, but I think that has more to do with the twice weekly yoga classes and better diet.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions :) I know before I got it, I was so curious about how it would compare to Mirena, which I'd had before.

My Paragard Experience & String Length PSA!

Hello everyone! I got my Paragard in 2 months ago so I thought I'd add my experience here. I love my Paragard and I think it's the greatest BC ever for me. This community helped me a lot with my questions and I've learned a lot so I want to share!

I chose paragard due to problems with the pill. Depression, total lack of sex drive, and I just didn't feel like myself on it. I put up with that for probably 10 years, switching pills many times. When I went off the pill it was like my passion for life returned. I did not want to take hormonal bc ever again and I wanted something really effective and easy. So, Paragard!

The insertion wasn't so bad for me, I took 800mg ibuprofen beforehand but it did hurt and felt pretty strange. Not terrible, I'd just say it was extreme discomfort. My husband drove me home but I felt pretty good right away, not too crampy or anything, and I would have been fine to drive. I was supposed to get my period right around then but it was taking its time, and I started spotting a few days later, and then spotted for like a week before my period started. The cramps were really bad while I was spotting though (Aleve + my USB powered heated blanket yay), but then they got better when my period actually started. It was heavy, but I've always had a really light period, so my 'heavy' flow was probably pretty normal for many. I had to rinse my sea sponge maybe 3-4 times a day instead of the usual 2. It lasted a day or 2 longer than my usual periods do, 8-9 days instead of 7.

However, the string was cut to tuck-length but it stabbed my husband often. He said that it hurt, and he never knew when it would stab so he had to be pretty careful. So I went back and got my gyno to trim it flush with my cervix. I'd heard shorter strings can be more stabby, but she had said that I wouldn't be able to feel it with my fingers at all and that the end of the string would be inside my cervix, so that's why I did it. But it turned out that wasn't the case for me -- I could feel it when I checked it, and my husband said it was much worse, like a thorn that was constantly there. So, I went back in to see if they could make the string be totally gone, but she said she can't clip it any closer and that there was only a millimeter or less sticking out! She was surprised that my husband could feel it, but she yanked it out and gave me a new one. I hadn't expected to do that so I hadn't taken any painkillers - and ladies, that shit was seriously painful. Where it was a general discomfort before, this was like a piercing, sharp pain. I was even on my period AND I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Lesson learned! Afterwards I sat in my car for a few minutes being all shaky before driving. Anyway that time she left the strings really long, even longer than after my initial insertion. She spent some time "tucking them up in some corner" too. Anyway - my husband has felt nothing since I got the new one in!! I am overjoyed. The strings have since moved around and come out of the corner where she put it, but my husband still hasn't felt it.

With my second iud, I had a bit of cramping that day but it seemed to settle in really quickly and I didn't have any recovery time really. It's my second paragard period now and it is getting a lot better already - only 2 days of spotting, no cramps, a tad lighter, and hopefully it will end sooner.

So anyway, my PSA is that if your partner can feel the strings and it's a problem, I'd say first try to be patient and see if they soften up before cutting it. Apparently there is a limit on how short it can be cut, and so even if you try to have no string at all there will still be a tiny tiny bit and that might feel like a thorn on your partner (or it could also be fine -- when I posted on here for advice I heard from people with strings cut flush where it doesn't bother their partner at all). In hindsight though I wish I'd been more patient instead of trying to cut the string off right away since it was an ordeal! My other advice is painkillers really do make quite a difference.

I'm super happy with my paragard now and it better not ever expel because it's really the only option for me! Thanks for all your help and answers too as I worked through it all.

Flexi-T explusion

I had my flex-t inserted in march of this year. Everything was going very well, besides spotting, but that can be dealt with and decreased over time. In August (5 months) after my insertion my bf noticed something "different." It was right after my period so I did my monthly check and noticed the hard piece of plastic was coming out of my cervix! It did not hurt or cramp, but obviously, I decided to call the doctor to get an appointment and see what's going on. Thankfully, they took me in the next day and found it odd I didn't feel any pain or discomfort as it was coming out. My OBGYN said she had not seen anything like this, except for earlier that day, someone with the same device had the same thing happen! She advised me that I have a 50% chance of expelling another one, but I find it strange it took so long to come out (if my body was rejecting it). I feel that wearing tampons might have contributed to it coming out. There were times where the tampon was not "full" but I had to take it out and I would have to tug to get it out (and it was sometimes painful), so it may have been slowly pulling it out. Also, the fact that someone else had the same problem is a little suspicious. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen? I have also decided to try the Mirena since it should slow/stop bleeding so I won't need to wear tampons that could pull it out. Fingers crossed that it works this time! I loved my IUD!