September 23rd, 2013


Mirena update

So I've had the mirena a bit over a month now.

The weird feeling of it being present is gone, but I now frequently have pain in my lower right belly. It's like a sharp cramp. I also have the worst oily face plus new pimples every day. This past week I have nausea and weakness. I'm getting pretty bummed because I worry the IUD is not going to work out. I also look up symptoms and freak out that I'm doing something worse for my body than a hormonal pill.

Is the adjustment period very long? Some days I want to run down to my Obgyn and demand removal, other days I think I made the right choice. Then other days I wish I didn't gave to worry about birth control at all!

Three years, wow!

My Paragard's 3rd birthday was a few months ago, and I totally forgot!  How great is that!
It's not that I forget it's there, really, but I'd stopped counting the months about a year ago.
All in all, it's been the best birth control I've used, and I'll get another when this one's time is up (unless I change my mind about having kids of course).  My cycles are longer overall (slightly longer periods, but also slightly longer between periods), and the number of crampy days is almost down to baseline.  Flow volume is about back to baseline.  It took me about 1.5 years to finally start to feel like I was returning to equilibrium, but I'm glad I hung in there.

My only complaint at this point is that I'm getting sick of my strings.  During every period I have to push them back up multiple times a day since they're pointy and uncomfortable otherwise.  They stick out of my slightly during that time since my cervix rides low during my period, I guess.  But I don't want to make it worse by having them be too short.

Anyone here had their strings clipped and regret it?  Does it often solve the problem?

Paragard insertion, easy-peasy!

Hello all, I've been following this community for a couple of months now and just had my first paragard inserted, so I thought I'd write it down while it's fresh in my mind.

For the record, I'm 22, no pregnancies, and in a committed relationship of 3 years. I quit my bcp 3 months ago, so I'd be able to differentiate between side effects of quitting that and of getting the iud. The only problem I had from quitting the pill is acne; a month of it being bad all the time and now it's bad about a week before my period. My last period ended yesterday, as my doctor wanted to do the insertion right at the end/after.

My appointment was scheduled for 11:30. At 10:30 I took half of a hydrocodone left over from breaking my foot. I was instructed to take a high dose of Ibuprofen but thought I'd be extra careful and take the stronger stuff since I had one haha. They had me take a pregnancy test then head on back and strip from the waist down. She did a mini exam, then came some shots. It's standard at this clinic to do a cervical block for iud insertion; I'm not sure how many shots because she was just quiet for a while then said last one. Pain was about a 3/10 here. Then she told me it takes 5 minutes for the block to kick in so we chatted about the weather while I tried to pretend I wasn't spread eagle with a speculum in :/.

Next came the sounding, which I barely felt(I guess the block worked). It was like the worst of my period cramps, which in my case aren't ever that bad. 5/10. She said I sounded at 7.5 cm, and that that was a good measurement for paragard. She said she starts to get nervous when patients sound at around 6cm or smaller. When they inserted the actual iud, it was about a 7/10 but only for a few seconds, followed by moderate cramping. I was like, "That's it??" She said I did better than most. It is now an hour later and I am still cramping moderately and spotting.

I am SO glad it's over, and it wasn't so bad! I think waiting and dreading it was the worst part! Since I had a half hour walk home and no one to go with me, things couldn't have gone better. =] Now I just hope the thing doesn't expel.

update: 2 hours later and the cramps are killing me. I hope this doesn't last more than a day or two. Is it bad to curl up in the fetal position? Will that make it perforate or something? Because that makes the cramps better lol.

update 2: it's 6pm, insertion was 6 and a half hours ago. Haven't had cramps for the last hour or so, maybe they're done?! =]
Jackson and I

Paragard scare.

I've had my Paragard for four months now and I have to say I totally love the thing! I've had heavier periods, but nothing that wasn't manageable. Cramps come here and there but I was never a cramps person to begin with so these are easily dealt with also.
This is the easiest and most innocuous form of birth control I've ever used which is why I was so freaked out the other day when I thought I was expelling.
I was at the end of my period and decided to check for my strings. I felt them by then right near my cervix felt a very hard knotty thing. This freaked me out because I've read the expulsion stories here and I know when the knot comes the iud follows. I was bummed and freaked out so I called my ob/gyn.
When I got to the clinic, he informed me that if it was coming out that there wasn't much he could do. He said he has tried in the past to push the iud back into place and give antibiotics to prevent infection, but he also said that that hadn't worked out for anyone yet. I said I understood and that if it was out I'd just deal with it. He did an exam and said he didn't see anything out of the ordinary but it did look like I had a kink in one of my strings that was what I could've been feeling. I was totally relieved. He also did an ultrasound and there was the little copper dude sitting right where it should be. I was thrilled and relieved and omg so happy.
I'm so grateful that I got to keep my paragard for another day :)