September 20th, 2013

How can you tell when there's too MUCH issue with the Paragard placement?

I'm aware you're supposed to just do some daily check ups up there to see if you can feel the string still with Paragard.. Nothing is wrong (atleast I don't think) and I'm not having any discomfort..but now I've noticed I feel like there's a bit more string I can touch ever since my period ended a few weeks ago. I've only had my Paragard since March so perhaps the strings have just really loosened up?
Could this just be normal and the string just moves around a lot (inside and out)?
How will you know if there's an issue with the placement of the IUD or falling out?
Again, no pain and I've never gone in another time to get the strings shortened, I just want to make sure! No strings are hanging out of me right now.

IUD issues

First I just want to say I love my IUD. I have the mirena and it's been pretty great. I got it inserted august 12 of this year and I go in for my follow up appointment next week. I'm in a relationship and have one child, who is 3 1/2 and I'm really not ready to have another, hence IUD!

So I had a typical insertion with the typical week of spotting. My period came a week late and lasted 2 whole weeks of heavy constant bleeding. It then let up And reduced to light bleeding for about a week, and then spotting from then until now. Just enough spotting for it to be a minor annoyance (not enough got my cup or a pad, but every time I wipe and radomly throughout the day. I've read its normal for spotting for a couple weeks, but just today I started bleeding again like I was getting my period. For the second time this month. Before mirena I had a very typical cycle of about 32 days. Every time I think the bleeding is going to end, I have sex and it starts again with a vengeance. I think my vagina hates me :-(

So what's the deal? Am I just destined to always be bleeding? Is this the price for my beloved IUD? I'm going to ask the np when I see her next week but I was just hoping maybe for some insight or reassurance before then . Thanks ladies