September 16th, 2013

Swapped MIrena for Paragard today

Well I did it, after 5 years of Mirena, which I loved for no periods, but struggled with acne, weight gain , depression low libido, and bloating and always wondered if it was a side effect of levonorgestrel, I took the plunge and am giving paragard a try. Insertion wasn't too bad, not as bad as within Mirena. My OBGYN gave me 3 rounds of lidocaine in my cervix and then the cramps with the sounding and insertion were still the take your breath away cramps but over in 2 seconds. Now I'm having pretty bad cramps, but only on the left side of my groin, no pain on the right - as that abnormal? Happy to be 100% off hormones and see if some of these side effects I had with Mirena go away.