September 15th, 2013

Severe/strange cramping?

I got my Skyla inserted almost two months ago now, and I'm a little frustrated by the crazy "cramps" I've been dealing with! Right around my period, but not always, I get sudden cramping that is pretty severe, enough to basically put me on the ground (coming from someone who stayed cool during insertion)! It's feels very similar to the sounding- which for me is like I'm being prodded in my uterus by something HOT! I also become hyper-aware of the inside of my uterus- it often feels like its full of liquid - like boiling water! (I think it's safe to assume I'm feeling blood and my uterus is not in fact brewing tea...) I usually go straight to some deep breathing to get through the pain but by the end of each "round" I'm generally very light-headed and dizzy. The cramps usually last 15-30 seconds each, which of course feels like forever at the time, and happen every 5-15 minutes for a few hours at a time.

Has anyone felt anything like this with your IUD? Or just severe, sharp cramping? Dd it ever go away? I realize I'm still in the adjustment period, so I'm hoping this may pass or lessen in severity, at least! I also have my follow up appointment soon, where I'll bring this issue up, but I usually get more thorough answers here!

Thanks so much! Also, I should say so far I have mostly enjoyed the switch away from BCPs, especially because it has helped with some weird GI issues I had before!