September 11th, 2013

Successful Mirena insertion story!

Hello all! Had my Mirena inserted yesterday and I just wanted to share my story. TL;DR - it was a positive experience overall and I'm very grateful to everyone who commented on my previous post and basically told me to chill out about it :) It was what I needed to hear and (so far at least) I'm very glad I went through with it!

I'm posting this because I found reading other peoples' experiences to be really helpful in understanding what to expect, and I want to make sure that positive experiences get represented as much as possible. I think those with horror stories tend to be way more motivated to tell the internet about it -- not that you shouldn't!!! -- but I think that can skew things a bit for anyone trying to research it for themselves. Story below the cut! It's a little long-winded FYI :)

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Mirena Insertion Experience =)

I just had my Mirena inserted about 9 hours ago. Definitely not as bad as I had been anticipating. I had the appointment at Planned Parenthood and made sure to get there about 45 minutes early because I know there's always tons of paperwork to fill out and you're pretty much always going to wait. My insurance covered it all and didn't even have to fret about a co-pay surprisingly.

I was not on my period when I had the IUD inserted. It had ended on 4 days prior to my appointment. I have read many stories of it hurting much less while on your period so was pretty fearful of the pain. I did take 5 ibuprofen in the parking lot before walking into the P.P building. The insertion process: Holy. Cow. That. Shit. Hurt... I had done so much research prior to the appointment I knew there would be cramping but nothing like that! I have pretty bad cramps already during menstruation so I thought nothing could be worse. It was much worse for me. The practitioner said she had a little trouble with the insertion but that's typical for women who have never had children. THE GOOD NEWS IS: the pain lasted no more than a couple minutes. Practice your yoga and relaxation methods and you'll survive. Don't forget to breath! Once everything was done and the practitioner left to let me change, the cramps slowly went away. Appointment was at 1:45, got out of PP at 3:00, and was at work on time at 3:15. I had no issues with cramping or spotting during work. I was even able to go rollerblading tonight with no issues.

I have had a little spotting so far and the thought of that thing in me still freaks me out a bit, but I know it'll pass as many have claimed.

Side Note: when doing research on the Mirena I had seen little/nothing about those who have Interstitial Cystitis with the IUD. I was diagnosed with I.C about 6 years ago. I had discussed this with the practitioner who I saw today and she said there should be no issue with the condition and the IUD. This makes sense obviously since the uterus and bladder or different body parts but you never know. She said if anything, it may help the condition because there will be less pressure from the uterus from menstruation on the bladder. It's probably too soon to tell from my own personal experience.