September 10th, 2013


second time with Mirena!

Helllllllloooo divas!

I just had my second Mirena inserted a couple days ago, and thought I'd share my new IUD experience!

So I had a Mirena before, a crappy doctor pulled it out (without my consent), it's a long story, etc. Here was the original post:

Anyways, I was outside of the country for awhile, but back for a visit now - and decided to get another Mirena put in while I was here. It's been about 6 months that I've been IUD free (and on HBC). I was originally thinking about getting a copper IUD, but I wanted to go for the 99.9% effective option instead of the 97% since I am NOT in a position where I wanna get pregnant now. I was also nervous about heavier periods since I've experienced a couple of rough ones (while not on HBC), and my sister has to take oxycontin for her crippling period cramps.

I was previously on Alesse - which was OK for me, had the Mirena for 2 years with mixed feelings (aggravated PMS, cyst, and off-and-on cramping) but I still prefer it to the pill. Alesse is not available in the country where I live, and I've been on a similar pill with a slightly higher dosage of levonorgestrel (sp?) and ethinyl estradiol which has been going ok, but I have NO LIBIDO. NONE. To the point where I don't even want my husband to touch me. It sucks!

So I'm back with the Mirena, and back on all the supplements to try and curb my PMS.

Anyways - I had my #2 inserted last Thursday, and this time I was PREPARED for it. I had just started my period, I took the misoprostal 12 hours before, had a nice big breakfast (with a glass of "hard" orange juice), took a t3, and was on my way. I put all my effort into being as RELAXED as possible during the procedure, because I'm sure this has gotta help a little bit. I got a cervical spray this time, and we were off! The actual procedure itself was less painful than the first time (still really painful, though) but the cramps afterwards were definitely worse than the last time (they were still hella painful the last time, too!)

My friend picked me up, and I could barely walk downstairs to get into a cab I was in so much pain (and feeling a bit woozy/light-headed). I got back home, curled up with some ibuprofen and a heating pad, and got into the fetal position.

Surprisingly, the cramps really seemed to get better throughout the day. By evening, I was already feeling ok enough to stroll around and ditch the heating pad. The next day, I was back to normal.

All in all, I'd say it was a much better experience than the first time.. not sure if it was the t3 (I had only ibuprofen the first time), the relaxing, the fact I've had one before, the special orange juice (hey! I needed to try and be relaxed!), or having it inserted on my period - but it was certainly a more tolerable experience (STILL REALLY PAINFUL, THOUGH).

Anyways, hope it's smooth sailing this time around!

Two week update on Mirena

I feel a little guilty reading some of your horror stories here, but I feel like this might reassure some divas that the whole process can be pretty easy and painless.

Quick background: I was on Ortho Evra for 7 years and a tri-cyclic pill for two. I'm 32, NP, had my Mirena inserted with about a week to go before my period was due. Was told to finish my pill pack as normal.

So the day of insertion, the actual insertion was very painful but over fast; I had some bleeding and spotting for the rest of the day and a tiny bit the next day, and then it stopped.

My period started the following week as expected (on Wednesday) and was very light, in fact I only needed liners the whole time. (So I may have gone and bought a pack of pads for no reason.) It ended Sunday, which is when it normally would have, and I've had no noticeable effects since. Oh, I mentioned previously that my appetite was pretty minimal; unfortunately it's come back some but not to "full blast," thankfully.

I can feel the strings and they are somewhat prominent to me but my husband did not notice them during sexytime.

So -- I know bad things could still happen but so far I'm pretty pleased and it seems to be smooth and pleasant. Five-week check in early October, otherwise... no problem!

First Day with the Mirena!

After 10+ years of being on the pill, I was advised to try something else since I was borderline high blood pressure, a bit overweight, and also now age 46. Actually, I was told that I was not longer going to get my script for my pills~ you would've thought that I was drug addict at how much that shook my world! :) It's been a great 10 years taking the pill continuously with no periods to deal with at all.
So, I began to research the Mirena which was my cnp's first choice. After all, my main reason for taking the pill was for heavy bleeding along with the birth control. I have to tell you that reading EVERY site that is out there has been maddening! I was petrified before my visit today and expected to feel like my insides were being skewered or burned inside out.
I thought that I would share my story that it might be an encouragement to someone else. Of course, it's only been about 4 hours since I had it done, and a long time to go, and things may change drastically. But, it's been a good start.
Like I said, I was a mess before I got to the office. I had a hard time eating lunch but got something in because I didn't want to pass out right there in the room! I also took 800 motrin about an hour before my appointment and decided to go by myself, even though my husband volunteered to go with me. I thought he would make me more nervous. I did pack some juice for the way home, thinking it would be a horrible drive for the 30 minutes it would take.
Got to the office and had about a 30 minute wait which was difficult. Signing papers, giving a credit card for payment in case the insurance turned it down. ( Obamacare pays the entire bill with insurance, one good thing about the law) Finally made my way back to the room where my bp/weight were taken. Had a few minutes with nurse who said that she, her 2 sister, 3 doctors in the practice all have Mirena and love it. It did make me feel a bit better. Got undressed when my cnp came in exclaiming "today's your Mirena day!". I told her my concerns about the insertion and she just kinda said it would be ok. I told her that I had my shorts on the table with me in case I needed to shove them in my mouth so I didn't yell out. She giggled. She explained the process and told me what to expect...which I knew from ALL THAT INFO I read! Then she began....first the speculum, then the tenulum? (for the cervix) which she had me cough for. Didn't really hurt or pinch at all like I had heard. Now, I must say that I was off my pills this week and I hadn't started my period AND I've had 2 children so my cervix did not need dilated. First the sounding of my uterus and that was a bit uncomfortable, not really painful, but that inside weird cramping sore feeling. Then she inserted the mirena and told me she was going to leave the applicator in for 1 minute (she said later that is something new they are doing to help with expulsion). All of a sudden, she announced "You are no longer fertile!" cut the strings, and pulled everything out, just like that...maybe 3 minutes for everything! I immediately felt better, sat up, asked a few questions, tied up my shoes, walked out and made my 3 month appointment! I got in the car, amazed and thrilled how well I did and felt.
So far, only a bit of spotting and no cramping at all. I am at the 6 hour mark for my motrin and perhaps feeling a little pinching cramp so I am going to take another 800mg for the next couple days just in case.
I'll keep updating! Hopefully, my story will continue to be an encouragement to others.