September 9th, 2013

Very short IUD strings?

Hello! I've had my paragard for a month or so and been loving it except for one thing, it was poking my husband. He said it hurt quite a bit and didn't want me to wait the 6 or so months others said it took to soften up, plus not everyone's strings seem to soften up enough. So I just had an appointment with my gyno, and she said that she could cut the strings off entirely, basically a bit shorter than the cervix itself so that they wouldn't poke. I agreed, since I don't mind not being able to check and I don't mind if the removal is a bit more difficult, so she cut them off. She said I wouldn't be able to check the strings at all or feel them anymore.

So now I've just got home, and felt for the strings just to see. And I totally felt them! Really short, and a bit pokey. I am not sure if my husband will be able to feel it yet or not, but it seems like he might! Does anyone have experience with this? If your strings are cut very short - as in short enough that they should be inside the cervix - can you feel them with your finger? Can your partner feel them? Can I possibly get them cut again so that they're even shorter inside my cervix than they are now?

Thanks!! This community is awesome :)

EDIT: Ok so we tested it out with the strings, and he said they were worse than before! Just scratching him the entire time. I think my cervix is quite low or sticks out a lot or something, and he is pretty thick, so there's a lot of contact with the strings. Has anyone had this happen? Where the strings were supposed to have been cut so short they were gone but they were still a problem? Has anyone had them cut even shorter than that? Thanks! I'm not sure why they designed this thing so that it stabs men this often :/

Quest for my Paragard

Hi all! I've been attempting for the past year to get a Paragard. Although I've only been lurking around this community until now, it's been a huge source of encouragement through my last three failed insertions.

I have not given birth and cannot take combination pills because I experience migraines with an aura. The Progestin pills unfortunately caused me to become very apathetic and paranoid, which was horrible for my career and relationship, so I stopped taking them after a year. Non-hormonal BC it is.

My first attempt at getting a Paragard I can barely remember, except that the Nurse Practitioner was very, very kind. After attempting insertion, she referred me to another Planned Parenthood clinic with more appointment times.

My second Nurse Practitioner was relentless. This time I was on my period, and during sounding she could not get past the 'second gate' in my cervix after about five tries and many repositionings of the clamp (the worst part for me). A copper T was unfortunately wasted that day. :( I was given a prescription for Misoprostol and did not go back for nearly six months because of work, classes and graduation.

I took 400mg of Misoprostol 12 hours before my last appointment on the 5th, vaginally. During sounding, the NP said she was able to open the first part of my cervix, but again there was an issue getting past the 'second gate'. She did a manual exam afterwords to check the size of my uterus and said it did not feel small and suggested that the neck of my cervix was irregular in some way. We discussed scheduling an appointment to try again with local anesthetic, and then she got a prescription for more Misoprostol, this time for one in each cheek, and said the doctor would call me within a few days.

My period has arrived within the past couple days and it is the strangest I've ever seen. Originally the Misoprostol caused yellow discharge and my period began with very muddy brown, dry and thick discharge. I'm not worried about it, but the cramps are definitely worse than usual. On the bright side of all of this, I discovered that having my boyfriend there to hold my hand during the procedure made the disappointment much less.

The doctor hasn't called me yet to schedule an appointment, but here's hoping. Anyone else had a similar experience to this trying to get an IUD?