September 6th, 2013

  • pythia

Sex drive go splat

So I've had a Mirena for about 7 years total, 5 years for my first, and 2 for my second and current one. Ever since I've had one, my sex drive has diminished a little, but over that last couple of years, it's slowly dropped to...nothing. I've never had a huge sex drive, but now it's just non existent. Not interested in PIV sex, not in him getting me off, not even masturbating. I can still orgasm, I just have no real wish or desire to. It's at the point where I get irritated if my partner tries to initiate things, or goes for a quick fondle or whatever - things I used to enjoy. Unsurprisingly, it's starting to screw with our relationship a bit.
I'm not 100% sure that it's the Mirena, but I honestly can't think of anything else it could be. I haven't changed medications, apart from a big increase in Citalopram 6 years ago - but I'm pretty certain that's not it. There's no extra stress or other factors I can think of that might be having this effect.

I know that quite a few people have had libido problems that they've thought was from Mirena. Can you share you stories with me? Especially if you had it removed, and if anything changed afterwards!

I would just get it pulled and see if it helps, but it's the only contraception that's really worked well for me, and considering it'll cost me upwards for $500 for another one, I'd really like to be as sure as I can before I take that step!

Edited to add: 29, female, NP, never been preggers. :)

Thanks, lovelies.