September 2nd, 2013


Mirena IUD insertion

Hey all,

I got my Mirena put in this month, its been almost 4 weeks. I opted for the Mirena as I wanted a pill-free method of birth control, and something that would help my heavy periods and cramping. I would have loved the paragaurd, but its not the best option for me at this point.

I figured I would share my insertion story. I pretty much had no reservations going into the appointment, because I didn't really think much of it. You go in, doctor puts it in your uterus, maybe some mild pain, the end. Ive heard both the I didn't feel any pain to the It hurt so bad stories. I have a high pain tolerance so I really wasn't concerned.

I can tell you that my insertion was very painful, and it kind of shocked me. I've never had children, and my cervix was very tight. My doctor had to stretch it past what the standard was, and it still took her 3 times to put in. Not to mention how painful it was when she measured my uterus.

I did not take anything prior to the procedure. Had I known I would have taken ibuprofen. I've heard some people talk of a pill that softens the cervix..I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's never had kids.

I suppose I was taken aback. I would describe the pain as very deep, my body did not understand what it was or where it was coming from. When my doctor finally got it in I actually sat up (i think i was involuntarily trying to get away) and cried out in pain. Very unlike me. I also had my fists balled the entire procedure to distract myself.

Now, despite the pain, I am happy I went through with it. It was over about 5 minutes, which isn't a long time to have a bit of discomfort. I would do it again because the benefits do outweigh my very intense feelings of discomfort. I guess I am just surprised...thought it could handle anything, small t-shaped object and I meet my match.

I do remember thinking as I left, "dear god i am never having kids."

All and all I am happy. But if there is a next time, it will involve a bottle of ibuprofen, and someone to take me home after.

please help... worried.

Hi all :)

Havent posted in here for a while, 23 no kids relationship for a few months, however full sexual health screening a month ago and all clear. My first IUD expelled, but had a new one and im now nearly on my second year :)

A period question...

First day of my period on the 18th of this month..then off on the 27th (normal Iud period for me 9/10 days) no hiccups.

28th i went for a smear test, went well, had sex on the 30th.. then started the brown thick stuff (tmi?).. and now blood like a period. Please tell me this has happened to someone before and im not having a double period this month! Well it would technically be next month.

I have been dieting recently for the last few weeks and have lost half a stone... anything to do with it?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks everyone! Xx