August 26th, 2013


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I've had my Mirena for just over 8 years and am going to get it changed for a new one in a couple days. I had my last pap test and doctor consult about 6 weeks ago and she urged me to use protection until my new IUD was installed, which my boyfriend I have been doing. The doctor did a routine pregnancy test as well, which came back negative.

She couldn't see my strings at all and when she tried to find them with a probe she said my cervix was too tight to properly explore. Because of this I had an ultrasound to make sure my IUD was still in there, which it was.

I have been having normal periods for a couple years now. However, the two periods I've had since my pap test have been nearly non-existent. Rather than my usual red flow it has just been weird brown discharge and nothing else. This has never happened before, especially not two periods in a row. The internet says I'm pregnant but since I my test was negative I don't believe what the internet is telling me. I'm wondering if the pap test might have pushed my strings in further and blocked my cervix. Is this possible? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm a little freaked out!