August 21st, 2013

  • atm92

Should I be concerned?

Hi everyone! I'm 21 years old, no children and no pregnancies. I got the Skyla IUD 4 days ago, minor pain upon insertion and minor cramping that ended this morning. I was on the pill loloestrin and had no problems ever, due to a new anti-inflammatory medication I will be starting I had to get off of birth control that contained estrogen. My gyno suggested Skyla and after some research I decided to go with it.
I'm having one problem that I'm not sure if I should be concerned about..
I've noticed that my normal smell "down there" has changed. I'm not having abnormal discharge and it isn't a fishy smell, but it's definitely different. I haven't experienced anything along with the odor change. I wash every day with Summers Eve and consider myself to be extremely clean.
Should I call my doctor? Is it from the hormones it's releasing?
I read that odorous discharge could be a sign of an infection, but as I said, I'm not experiencing abnormal discharge and it isn't a foul smell.. I just don't know what to make of it..

I would also like to say that I'm a very personal person and I felt confident to post here, very welcoming to women, great page!
  • kkula

2 weeks and still bleeding! Remedies please?

Hey Divas,

I am 22, no kids, in a 5 year relationship, have been on loestrin24fe for about 6 years. I am currently still on my last pack of hbc, and will be getting off it once the pack is up. I recently had my Paragard inserted almost 2 weeks ago on what was supposed to be my last day of my period and have been bleeding since. For the most part its been light spotting, but when I am more active, the bleeding gets heavier. The cramps are constant, most the time mild, but 1-2 times a day for about 30min to an hour my cramps get more severe. I check the strings regularly and they seem to be fine. I have been using Ibuprofen regularly, which helps a little, but obviously not completely.

I have been researching other remedies and have found everything from fish oil to apple cider vinegar. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?


Considering IUD

Hello everyone!!

I'm considering getting an IUD (23, no kids, live in the American Midwest). I've been thinking about it for a while, and it looks like this may actually be financially feasible for me.

I'm considering the Paragard vs. the Mirena, because I'd like to get away from the hormones and it sounds like it may have less side effects than Mirena (no bloating/acne/etc).

My main concerns are that my boyfriend is rather large and girthy, and can sometimes hit my cervix. Will that be a problem with an IUD? Also, what are the strings made of? I can't seem to figure out if they're soft and will not be a problem, or can they poke him and make sex uncomfortable?

I also seem to have a naturally rather active flora and fauna in my bits, so I have been prone to minor yeast infections. This has never happened until I started birth control almost 4 years ago and now seems to be a common occurrence. Is there a risk of inserting an IUD with a higher rate of yeast infections?

Any other suggestions? Things to think about? I need to schedule an appointment with a new gyno, because my current one just brushed me off when I raised concerns that my birth control seems to be....less effective? I've started recently having bad PMS, moodswings, and I break out like I haven't since before I started taking it.

Thank you muchly!


Mirena post insertion

Hey everyone, got my mirena placed about 2 weeks ago. Choose it because I am forgetful with pills and also like how the hormone dose is lower and more localized. Would prefer a paraguard, however I am prone to heavy periods and unbearably painful cramping (which was why I went on the pill)

I had minor cramping after insertion and for a few days, now I wouldn't exactly call it cramps, but I feel something. I am hyper aware that something is in there, as if my body is just screaming "something is there."

My question, has anyone else had this sensation, and how long did it last? It's not as bad as cramps but my lower body just feels off. Hard to explain. I'm hoping my body adjusts to the presence, as I def don't want to be this hyper aware of it. Not to mention my painful insertion...I'd Luke this effort to pay off!