August 12th, 2013

Second Time's the Charm?

I had a Mirena inserted in February of this year. It was an easy insertion even though I am 19 and nulliparous. The strings were cut very short and retracted into my cervix. I had no problems other than spotting and an ultrasound confirmed that it was correctly placed about 6 weeks later. About 5.5 months later, I was surprised to be able to feel what I thought was the strings in my cervix. I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor said he did not see the iud or strings at all. A second ultrasound confirmed that the Mirena had moved out of place and was too low down. A week later I went to the gynocologist and she said that my IUD was partially expelled and in my cervix. She removed it and replaced it with a new one right away. It was uncomfortable but not horrible, although a two hour drive to see relatives the same day was not fun. I had the doctor leave the strings longer this time, and so far they have not changed length at all except for getting maybe 0.5-1 cm shorter in the days following insertion. I assume that this was due to the cervix closing up. So my question is this: is there anyone who has gone through a similar experience and had a second device be successful? I like my IUD except for occasional cramps or spotting and I don't know what I'll do if this fails.