August 5th, 2013


Should I get a copper IUD?

Hello IUD folk!

I've had an IUD before - the Mirena, and am currently IUD free and thinking about going for copper.

I got my Mirena inserted in March 2011, and it was taken out by an annoying doctor in March this year. I live in the middle east, and after developing some issues with cramps and a possible cyst I'd gone to the doctor. The doctor informed me that there was some inflammation around my IUD and it had to be removed IMMEDIATELY OR I'D NEVER BE ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN. Then popped it out before I could really say much, and proceeded to lecture me about how women who've never had children shouldn't have an IUD in the first place. It was very frustrating.

Overall the Mirena was very good to me - no periods, no weight gain, etc. But I did start to develop severe PMS, possibly exaggerated by the cyst? I don't know. Since the Mirena's been out my PMS has calmed right down (I got back on the pill, too).. but I really hate being on the pill. It takes away ALL of my libido, leaving me feeling grossed out by the IDEA of sex. No good!

So I'm thinking about going for a copper IUD.. and I've got a couple Qs
- Has anyone got any PMS horror stories with the copper? Could it be that the hormones sort of balance me out in that regard? (As in, I've never had an issue with it whilst on the pill).
- Is re-insertion after the fact just as painful as the initial insertion?
- Does having a cyst change anything?

Anything else you feel like mentioning is great, too! Thanks so much guys!

Soon to be ex-diva... again.

Hi all,

I posted a few months ago re: getting a second Paragard after losing a first after 17 months (August 2011-January 2013).  I went ahead and got another this April, and unfortunately, as of tomorrow it looks like I will be IUD-less again.  My periods had much more spotting before/after than ever before, and I am prone to being completely paranoid, so I saw a new gyno (just moved a month ago), and she said it was normal, and my strings looked fine–but since she didn't insert it, she recommended I get an ultrasound just in case.

Welp, unfortunately the ultrasound confirmed my fears: the IUD is low, and while the doctor hasn't really given me any details (they told me this last week, and said "well, be careful for now"), I have an appointment tomorrow and will probably have to get it removed.  I'm so upset!  I had no symptoms/pain aside from the weird bleeding, so I guess I'm glad I listened to my paranoia since technically the bleeding would be considered normal for a new-ish IUD.  I really needed this method to work–I hate hormonal contraception, and other non-hormonal methods are not reliable enough to give me comfort, given the issues I had with both IUDs.  (for example: late period last December with IUD #1, then had a positive pregnancy test, but I wasn't pregnant... tons of discharge, BV/now constantly thinking I have BV/no idea what normal is anymore, so spermicides are pretty much out)  While I had issues, I loved knowing I wasn't putting hormones in my body (so all my craziness is just me, ha ha).  But it looks like it's back to the Birth Control Pill Roulette game for me.  Hopefully I'll find one that I do well on–I feel like the past year of my life has been a nightmare as far as sexual health goes!  Ah well...

Just wanted to share my woe.  Hopefully my boyfriend, who I recently shacked up with, will consider a vasectomy at some point in the future (neither of us want kids).  Being a lady is all sorts of fun, right?  So glad these work for so many others, though!  Now I'll just be the jealous outsider.  :)

Mirena for mood swings

Hi...I am an ex-diva. I had the Paragard for 7 years and got pregnant. I had a tubal after the birth so birth control is somewhat unnecessary.

However, my period always brings with it pretty severe depression and overall being pretty irrational. The pill always made the crazy worse and made me gain weight and a ridiculous rate. I know that the Mirena eventually stop your periods... at least it does for my girlfriend. does anyone have any experience with the Mirena using some of their more hormonal symptoms? I I am tired of being crazy once a month, but I'm completely normal all the rest of the time so I can't imagine needing outside medication.

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