August 3rd, 2013

gossip girl

My Copper IUD Insertion Experience

Hi everyone!

As of yesterday afternoon, I'm an official IUD Diva and I thought I'd share my experience here, since I found this community to be so helpful during my decision-making process.

It's a long story (as I'm very talkative and detail-oriented :P), so to read the full story, click below:

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Will be back to do a short term and long term update. :)


Paragard Insertion story!

Hello everyone!

I am 25, and have never had kids. I've been on HBC before and it was terrible, so I opted for Paragard.

I just got my Paragard inserted yesterday so I wanted to share my story. It went relatively well so I wanted to post it here (though I'm going into a lot of detail so I'm placing it under a cut). I do have a question or two, though, which I will leave outside of the cut afterward.

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Onto my question for you divas: How intense were your cramps the day after insertion? I'm still a little stressed about it and hoping nothing has gone wrong.

Also, do you think it's a very bad idea that I checked my strings the morning after insertion..? I'm kind of panicking a little because my doctor told me no sex for 5 days because we wanted to avoid infection, but I did wash my hands very thoroughly. I just wanted to check my strings to make sure nothing had gone wrong.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good process and seemed very easy/uncomplicated. Definitely glad I had the day off though.

Cheers! I'm finally a diva, too!