July 29th, 2013

Skyla Riding Low

Hi everyone. I am wondering if any of you have experienced an IUD riding very low in the uterus and sticking out a little bit from the cervix? Did you have it removed or did it spontaneously relocate further up? How long did you wait to see a doctor after discovering it? I am having a hard time making a decision about whether to wait for a doctor's appointment in a week or to go into Planned Parenthood for an open clinic tomorrow.

The background: I am a first time IUD user. I opted for Skyla because of the slightly narrower insertion tube and the lower-dose hormones sounded good to me after years of misery on HBC pills. I am also nulliparous, so a smaller IUD seemed sensible. My doctor put it in four days ago. I had some cramping after the procedure and a sore cervix, so I did not try to check my strings until the day after, when I felt pretty good and pain-free. I immediately noticed there seemed to be a lot of string in there all bunched up near my cervix. Then my finger brushed over something that felt distinctly hard, larger than string, and plastic. I freaked out thinking I was expelling the IUD. I called my doctor right away (it was Friday evening, after hours). She called me back a little while later, but seemed skeptical that it was my IUD I was feeling because I was not bleeding or having any pain. I waited all weekend for Monday to come, spending a lot of time crying about it and worrying I will get an infection or something. Then I went in this morning to see her. She did a brief pelvic exam, said she could not see my threads (so to her, this meant they must be pretty short, as they should be) and that she could not see my cervix that well, but that of what she did see, there was no white plastic sticking out. She also did a manual exam, finding nothing (but I was laying on my back and I noticed I really only can feel the tip sticking out when standing or sitting). She pronounced me totally fine and sent me packing. I got to my car and cried, feeling defeated and foolish because I didn't think to ask for an ultrasound to check placement... Plus I forgot to tell her that I first found the problem while standing.

I've been seeing this doctor for years now - I liked her a lot at first, but I feel like she has a tendency to sweep my concerns under the rug and she is always canceling and rescheduling appointments. This experience of being brushed aside when I am absolutely certain my IUD is in my cervix really upset me. So I called another doctor and made an appointment for a week from today (the earliest I can get in). I am so worried about the IUD just sitting there though - does this leave me open to infection? I am considering going to Planned Parenthood for their walk-in clinic tomorrow, to see if they can do an ultrasound to check the placement. If the ultrasound shows it is low and/or they are convinced of the placement problem by my strings hanging very low (the ends are flush with my vaginal opening), then I am considering having it removed then and there and seeing if my new practitioner will be able to put in a new one (or Mirena). What do you all think? Should I be worried about the low placement? Should I wait a week? Or spend half a day tomorrow (and another $50 copay) waiting in line at PP?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or experiences you can share.