July 25th, 2013


Insertion with yeast infection?

I'm getting a Paragard next Thursday and I've had a persistent yeast infection for a month and a half brought on by my latest and last foray into birth control pills (Mircette). I'm off the Mircette now and it felt like my body cleared it up on its own for a few days when I stopped the pills, but it reared its head again today. I already threw the kitchen sink of OTC creams at it and my doctor (who recommended me for the IUD, I should add) put me on a 3-pill course of Diflucan a couple weeks ago. She's only in on Friday mornings and I wasn't able to get ahold of her last week when I still felt some niggling down there, but I'm going to call her tomorrow and politely request a prescription(s) for whatever the strongest treatment available is. The thing is, I'm not going to have insurance after August 15th, and the 1st was the only insertion appointment I was able to get, so it's do or die for me to see if this works out. I can still get an IUD in the future, obviously, but I'm getting the device and labor and all of this for free now. If I STILL can't shake my yeast, how much of a no-no is that going to be? Would I be putting myself in real danger?

P.S. I couldn't find any previous entries covering this so I apologize if I'm treading old ground! Reading this community has done so, so much as far as helping me inform myself - first to make the decision to make my appointment, and then to start gearing up for it.

EDIT: For other divas, I don't know what your own office's comfort level is, but mine got back to me ahead of time and let me know they can still do the insertion with the infection and they'll just give me new medicine when I go there.
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Would symptoms improve by switching from T-shaped to a U-shaped or frameless IUD?

Back again. I recently posted this on my symptoms, the worse being this god awful fatty bloat and random pains on my right side... here is the post if you want to read. :http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/3431584.html

So yeah, I really just want to know (before I get this thing removed!) if anyone has heard of symptoms similar to mine being improved by switching to a small IUD or one containing less copper or different shapes etc.
I was originally going to be given the multiload (not sure which model) but our pharmacy did not have it in stock and I was on a time limit for Emergency contraception so my doc took what they had.
At the time, I did not even know there was any difference between different types but after some research, I have come across supposedly better one for young, nulliparous people eg 'gynefix' was one I think.
If anyone could shed some light on this theory, i'd be verrrry grateful! I'm getting desperate now and I refuse to ever go on BC pills! Never have and I never will - I really want the iud to work but it has been nearly 6 months and it's getting ridiculous now. I cry because of how bloated I look - i feel physically ugly. Want my pancake stomach back :(
So yeah, if it turns out that I have the paraguard or some other large one or something like that, is it worth asking to try one of the other ones mentioned or just take it out and move on? *sigh*
Thank you ladies, I appreciate everyone on this always!
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