July 23rd, 2013

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Will my bloat EVER go away? (Copper IUD)

Hi again! I think the last time I posted was in April .. Alot has happened in the past 2 months but that's a story for another day.
What has been bothering me is that I am very very bloated and it just won't budge! Every 'professional' i've seen (majority being males might I add) say to just wait and see kind of thing or remove it! I've seen a few posts online saying to give the IUD a year to settle but surely it would have settled by now? It was 6th March I got it inserted. Also i've gained about 5 pounds (not that you can notice it on me) but that's just not right for me, who usually does not go past 8 stone! I'm now 8 stone 5, sometimes 6!
I've just received blood test results and thyroid is fine, liver, kidney etc, cbc - all fine! I had all the infection tests and luckily no sign of PID etc
My current male doctor has been the best so far - he has tried me on 'mebeverine' incase it was IBS but it hasn't worked. He called me to check up on me today and I told him they weren't doing a thing and he was saying if it's ruining my summer, maybe think about IUD being removed seeing as other tests are normal.
So symptom summary:
1.Very bloated around belly button mainly, looks kinda like a pointed pouch!(-constant, does not go away!)
2.slight nausea sometimes
3.IBS med did nothing
4.Random shooting pains in right side not around any particular time of month
5. Slightly more hairloss than usual i.e. everytime I brush my hair, a fair amount comes out on the brush whereas it didn't previously.

Unfortunately, the guy i've been seeing for the past 4/5 months is working all over the joint and due to the obvious upset it cause eg missing each other, unpredictable, well we don't know where we're at or if we can keep it going (Which sucks majorly!). But we haven't said it's over.. This was relevant because I know i'm not pregnant - it's been well over a month since any kind of 'action' and all tests are negative anyway.

I don't want to get it out regardless though because as I said, who knows what will happen. PLUS I don't want to go through that horrible insertion again, don't want to remove it if I can. (Also, hormones are NOT an option - they have equal bad effects and more AND the risk of breast cancer scares me - learned about it on my course. So yeah, a no-no to regular BC pills.)

Need some advice or own experiences? Did supplements help?? I've been on and off taking some agnus castus, and i've started zinc supplementation too. Did anyone switch to Mirena and have any better luck?
Thank you all in advance, this is the only place I can rely on!
Kat xx
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Mirena Update - 2.5 years

Hi I was just reading the community and thought I would give another positive update on Mirena.
It's not an anniversary, but I just moved in w/ my SO and am making better use of this BC :)

Background: 25, np, 5'8", 130 lbs, Mirena for 2.5 years

I am currently on/near my period (I'm getting symptoms but have no bleeding and am beginning to think that this is just one of those months in which I don't bleed at all. I had a regular period w/ bleeding last month. I'm happy to be (hopefully) not bleeding this month as I am just seeing my previously-long-distance boyfriend for the first time in half a dozen weeks or so.

We've had no issues with strings poking and are quite happy to have such a reliable method. We love being condom-free.  We got to talking about Mirena and what my plans are for after it is done in three-ish years. Despite having little-to-no problems, I want to go completely hormone-free to see what it's like. My ideal pick would be to get a Canadian copper IUD that is smaller than paragard with arms that hold in place better and/or has a silver core instead of nickel. (I say this because I expelled a paragard once and would like to get one that minimizes the chances of that happening again.) Maybe in three years there will be a new copper IUD approved in the United States.

Also, we realized that in three years, we might consider having kids, so maybe we won't need anything.

I guess I just wanted to share my happiness with Mirena right now and my optimistic outlook on the future.
I highly recommend trying IUDs to all my friends. I understand that it doesn't work for some people but it is a very effective and worry-free BC option for so many people.

Personally, I have noticed more tears and tenderness near my period. I have a manageable amount of acne (always have-even pre-BC) and have not had any weight gain (I lost ~30 lbs after being off the pill for a year-before my IUD).
The strings poked my SO a couple times early on but we've been probably over a year without problems.
My periods are light (common) to non-existant (rarely). I use a menstrual cup most months.
I probably have more discharge throughout the month than I did before Mirena, but I didn't pay it much attention before and it is not a bothersome amount. I feel like my bra cup size has gone down and can only assume it's due to low estrogen, but that is a minor concern.

If it stays like this for the next three years, I'll just keep it as normal. If hormones seem to be wonky, I'll remove it early if need be. If everything seems fine up to the end date, I would consider leaving it in an extra six months to a year, maybe with a second form of BC like fertility awareness.

That's all. Hope this helps let people know that it's not all problems. We just don't all post about it.

Is this a problem? Odd bleeding and cramping with Mirena

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this, I just wanted an opinion on whether this is normal or I should seek some more help.
For some background I am 19, np, and I got my mirena iud about six weeks ago. My first period with mirena was super long (16 days) but otherwise very light and normal. This month however I have had some more problems. Here's a timeline of whats happened

July 19th- light period (brownish color), average cramps
July 20th- still seems average (light and brown in color), had sex with my boyfriend for the first time (no bleeding afterwards and light during the night)
July 21st- REALLY painful cramps period seems heavier than normal, checked for strings and could feel one
July 22nd- still pretty bad cramps and heavier than normal period, much more red and watery than normal
July 23rd- still heavier period still more red and watery than normal still more crampy than normal, checked for strings can feel two.

So my question is this change in cramping from tolerable to really painful and the consistency of my period from brown to bright red normal or should I call my doctor for an appointment? Am I still protected from pregnancy?

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this!

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I'm 26, NP, and have had this Mirena for about 2.5 years. My acne is getting worse and I've had ovarian cysts pretty badly for the past year, but the main reason I've been considering having the Mirena removed is that in May I developed a new symptom: mood swings- really bad ones- along with terrible anxiety and depression.

I know that HBC has contributed to my mood swings in the past, but since I've been off of it, I've been on an even keel- with the exception of a really bad two month period when I tried to go back on Ocella.

My question is this: is it even possible for my new mood swings to be related to the Mirena?

FibroPlant - one month update

Hey Divas,

Just wanted to post a short one month update about my FibroPlant. you can read my insertion story here: http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/3414820.html

The cramping stopped fairly quick. A day or two post insertion, I'd only get the occasional twinge. I had some bleeding the first two days, but I was on my period when I had the FibroPlant inserted. After that, I had some residual spotting for about a week, but nothing a panty liner couldn't handle. My cervix was sensitive for about two weeks, I guess that was due to the clamp and local anesthetic.

About a week before my next period started, I noticed that my breasts had become rather sensitive. I never had that before, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm coming off BCPs or if it's the FibroPlant. My period was also two days early, but again, this might be due to coming off BCPs. The bleeding was significantly less, I'd say an overall reduction of 50%. The first two days were just light spotting, then 2 days that did require a tampon, and then back to light spotting. I had almost no cramping, but I never really had that before anyway, except when I was a lot younger. My period was longer than usual (9 days instead of 7), but Dr. Wildemeersch had warned me about it. And due to the reduction in bleeding, I really didn't mind.

I can't really feel the strings. Dr. Wildemeersch had tucked them back in my cervix, and they stayed there. I can, on occasion feel the loop, but only on certain days.

And now on the the (potentially) TMI part of this post: sex. Shortly after the insertion, my sex drive came roaring back to life. Unfortunately, I've only had sex once so far. We had to wait 7 days post-insertion, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it for about two weeks (sensitive cervix, as mentioned above). And after that we had a major conflict in our schedules, so by the time we could see each other again (we don't live together) I was already on my period. Kind of annoying, but my BF doesn't mind. (When I asked him to grab a towel, he responded with 'why?'. Ehm, I don't want to stain your sheets. 'I don't care'.) But it felt different. Not bad different though. It's kind of like my cervix is a bit more sensitive. Does anyone else have that? Or was it just because I was having my period?

Long story short: I love my FibroPlant, I should have gotten it a lot earlier! I was a bit miffed about having to give up a way to control when I got my period, but with the diminished bleeding, that's definitely not an issue.