July 22nd, 2013

I have been lurking for a long time and finally made my appointment. But......

I m not sure I m going to keep it. The local Planned Parenthood is not my favorite place they always literally beg me for a donation. I tried to explain that I do not have any money at all to spare that is why I have what is called family planning network coverage here. But they still insist on a donation and make me feel bad when I say I can't give you one because I have no money on me or available I m seriously broke. Fast forward to today I finally got up the nerve to call. We can not call the local office here we are required to call a call center that covers the whole state to make an appointment. The lady answers and I tell her I want to make an appointment for an exam and to discuss birth control she asks what kind I think I might want and I tell her I m thinking Paraguard she proceedes to tell me that she will transfer me to the local center so that they can make one appointment for the exam and insertion to make things more "efficient". I say ok and hold while I m transferred the lady that answers the phone informs me they can not do both in one appointment and tells me she will make the exam appointment first and we can discuss the Paraguard more then. Which was fine with me so she schedules me for the 29th at 10 AM then she says "don't forget to take some ibuprophen there will be a little cramping with the insertion. Huh??? What insertion didn't she just say she was making the exam appointment first and they couldn't be done at the same time? she proceeded to hang up before I could question this and when I called back they would not transfer me to the local office again they just confirmed my insertion appointment on the 29th and offered to make me another appointment for an exam. I m so scared to allow these people to do my insertion if they can't even get an appointment straight. Someone please tell me that I m just nervous and everything will be fine because I m about to cancel my appointment and just forget about it.
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Is it possible to sob an IUD out of position?

It's been a rough 24 hours with lots of sobbing, and I feel as though I've sobbed my IUD out of position. It's been feeling better lately, and now feels like it's sitting partway in cervical canal (not just strings), causing splintering pain through the cervix, and partly against the back wall of my uterus, causing stabbing back pain. Is this even possible? If so, will it migrate back in place? I knew crying was a workout, but I didn't anticipate this.