July 19th, 2013

IUD Expulsion + MeLuna Cup

Hello all! I hope my post is not a repeat, but I looked through a lot of the content and couldn't find anything describing my issue exactly. A little background: I am 20 years old and I've never been pregnant.

I had my Paragard IUD placed 3 weeks ago, and I started my first period with it on Monday. I had bad cramps when the IUD was placed and during my period, but I didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary.

I used my MeLuna cup on day 3 of my period for about an hour, but I removed it and went back to pads no problem. Then yesterday (day 4) I put it back in for about 4 hours. I started to get some cramps, so I went to remove the cup and when I did, I felt a lot of pressure/pain and once it was finally out, I looked down to see the strings to my IUD hanging out of my vagina.

My question is: Is it possible I pulled my IUD out with my menstrual cup? I know during my period my cervix can be pretty low...so low that I switched from the Diva Cup to the MeLuna because the Diva Cup was too long. When I removed my cup, I did NOT break the suction before removing it. I instead pinched the bottom of the cup and pulled from the grooves to remove it.

However, I cannot say for certain that my IUD had not partially expelled during my period. I hadn't checked the strings for about 2 weeks, and I realize I am a prime candidate for expulsion. Also, the IUD expelled during my period, which is a time when there is a higher risk of expulsion.

The doctor who placed my IUD told me I wouldn't have to worry at all about my menstrual cup and my IUD, but I definitely think it played some role in the expulsion, whether or not it actually caused it. I am going to see a different doctor today (I'm in college and am away from my other doctor) to get it removed, and I will talk to her about my concerns with my menstrual cup. In the mean time, any advice would be helpful! I intend to get another Paragard with my new doctor's blessing because I really want it to work!

Need some big time advice-Mirena/Fibroadenomas/Paragard.

Hello, Divas:

I come to you in a confused and bummed state. I posted not too long ago on the connection between my multiple bi-lateral fibroadenomas and the Mirena. That post is here:

Since then, I have done hours upon hours of research confirming that I am not alone in this weird battle. Although I am a rare breed, as confirmed by my doctor, there are many cases of women experiencing an increase or the arrival of fibroadenomas as Mirena users.

Additionally, as I did even more extensive research, it appears that I am suffering from severe adrenal fatigue. I scheduled an appointment to have the Mirena removed on Tuesday and will be having a hormone test done as well. I fit the bill for severe adrenal fatigue, and I would have never made the connection that it was due to the hormones from the Mirena, even though it's low dose. Unfortunately, I had been on the pill for many years before getting the Paragard inserted. So I technically only gave my body a years rest with the Paragard. I'm pretty bummed. I went from the Paragard, to the Mirena, and now I'm kind of regretting ever removing the Paragard. My periods, however, never settled. They were rough and painful. 7-8 days of what looked like Shark Week every month. I guess in retrospect, bad periods were a small price to pay with the Paragard. I also made a timeline correlation of the increase of Fibroadenomas to the insertion of the Mirena. I have never had this many. Not even while on BCPs.

So, I guess my main question is, has anyone gone from Paragard, to Mirena, and back to Paragard? Or even just Mirena to Paragard? I'd like to know what the after effects are and having a non-hormonal IUD inserted after the hormonal one. My hubby is also willing to use condoms for a while to give my body a complete rest. I contemplated NFP and purchasing one of those Lady Comp NFP computers, but that seriously freaks me out. My family is filled with fertile Myrtle's. I don't trust my chances with that thing, and we are in no way ready for a child. So, I'm not sure if I should do the condom thing for a while or beg to have a Paragard reinserted. I live a very active lifestyle, and boy did the Paragard knock me down some days. I guess that's what I'm most afraid of. At any rate, I need to be hormone free.

Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Divas!

Question about Multiload 250 vs Multiload 375 vs. Paragard

Hello, I'm just beginning my research on IUDs and am going in for a consultation appointment in an hour. I am 31 years old, never been pregnant, and the only form of contraception I've ever used is condoms. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on how the Multiload affects periods and cramping in comparison to the Paragard, but I've seen some people say that the effects are less severe (not as bad cramping, less increase in flow, and duration of periods) with the Multiload. What do ya'll think? Also, is there a difference in side effects between the Multiload 250 and 375? Also, is there a difference in the risk of expulsion between these types?