July 17th, 2013

Copper Multiload SL Update

It's been almost 6 months since I got my copper Multiload SL (smaller length version) IUD.

I am very happy with it, and so far I only have minor complaints. My cycle has become slightly shorter but is slowly evening out to it's original 28 days. The first period after I got it inserted it was 25 days, then 26 days for a few cycles and now 27 days.

Bleeding has become a little more. And when I say little, I mean really I hardly notice any difference at all. I use a menstrual cup without a problem. I do take care about squeezing the base to release suction before pulling it out, and also feel around the base to make sure the strings are not being pinched.

My cramps have changed. Before the IUD I had more achy pain that was less intense and more all throughout the day, always there, nagging at my uterus. Now I have splintery cramps that are more intense but that's it. In between the cramps I feel nothing. I did have one incident that I was sleeping in the night and a cramp full on woke me up out of my dream. It was intense but it was over in 15 seconds and well... it was pretty intense lol! I should note that on the IUD I only have slight cramps on the day before my period, and then cramps on the first two to three days. The rest of the period I don't feel anything, or maybe a tiiiny cramp here and there.

My skin has become better, I've lost weight since being off the pill. My body just feels all around better.

Overall this has been a success so far. I hope this helps some of you!