July 16th, 2013

Skyla Experience

While I was thinking about getting my IUD I found this community and it helped me make my decision. I just wanted to share the experience that I had with Skyla. I'm 38 NP and the reason why I wanted to try the IUD was because I went from Sesaonale to Seasonique and gained 15 lbs and no amount of exercise would get rid of it. My goal was to have shorter periods due to migraines and I got that but didn't like the weight gain. My insertion date was June 7th and like others it was painful... So painful for me that I actually yelled, cried and cussed... After I got over the shock of the insertion and me thinking it would fall out if I went to the bathroom I tried it out. My boyfriend couldn't feel it and I didn't feel anything different so that was great. Exactly one month from my last period my next period started (which was new for me even on BC's) it was 3 days and so light that all I needed was a pantyliner. I had no headaches or cramps when my period started and best of all I've lost 10 lbs in ONE MONTH. The only downside is that I am breaking out on my forehead and my face went from dry extra oily. I've never had skin problems before so that's a downer but not enough to get the Skyla removed. I'm just drinking more water and have a supply of Witch Hazel, Alcohol, and Neutrogena on hand... Even with the pain I had during insertion this was by far the best decision that I've made in regards to birth control...
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Paragard number 2

I recently had my paragard partially expel, taken out, and a new one put in. Just a couple of questions about what to expect the second time around, I've been reading through past posts but still have a couple of questions.

Overall the second insertion was much easier and less painful than the first. I got it at planned parenthood both times by the same doctor. The first time there were 2 nurses and her in the room, second time it was just me and her so I think she was possibly in training the first time? Not too sure...Last December i was having very heavy bleeding and ended up going to the ER where they did a sonogram, ultrasound and other various tests to see what was happening and the nurse told me that my IUD was placed lower than she had ever seen, but still within normal range. When she took out the first one last week it was kind of bent up and even she thought that was weird! Is it possible that the first one was just placed too low and that may have caused a lot of the issues I was having?

With my first insertion I had irregular bleeding for basically 2 years straight until it finally evened out just months before it expelled. I posted previously about that here. Will i have to go through all of that annoying settling in all over again?

One more random question here...First time around I had just gotten off birth control after many years so when I got my IUD I lost some weight, just attributed it to the BC leaving my system...now this time I have been actively dieting/exercising and haven't lost a single pound in months until now, 4 days post insertion, I've lost 3 pounds miraculously! I know that since it's non-hormonal it doesn't really attribute to weight gain/loss but has anyone else had a similar experience?