July 11th, 2013

Copper IUD help again

I have another question! Aha I have had the IUD for a few weeks now. The strings seem good and I get no pain. I do have 2 questions though:

1) the copper iud is supposed to make your periods longer. I just finished my first period since getting it, and I was spotting until I started. However I finished my period 4 days earlier then normal.. It was a little heavier but not much.

2) I'm not sure if it is my mind but my cervix feels weird like one side of it feels normal and the other hardish, is that normal from finishing my period.

Also I have had a slight sharpish pain above my belly button and I was wondering if it could be the IUD or if it is my normal gas pains. It seems in an odd place to have an IUD pain but I figured I would get people's opinion before walking the hour to the clinic aha


A little bit of sanity :-)

Hi all,

Let me just start by saying that finding this community was the reason I eventually took the plunge and got my copper IUD, it's so informative and I really felt that I got more info here than my doctor!

I had my IUD fitted in February of this year and have absolutely loved the freedom of being off hbc, I don't think I could go back to those dark days :-) So let's just say my love affair with that tiny piece of copper floating around me has hit a snag...

For the last 2 months I've been lucky enough to have a 28 day cycle, and fairly normal bleeding (I'm not sure i know what a normal period is, having been on hbc since I was 15, I'm now 28) however I'm now at day 37 and no sign of my period. Needless to say I'm terrified (pregnancy is not an option, in a long term stable relationship but partner works out the country, health issues, not financially stable....I could go on but I won't)

I've taken a pt that came back negative, but of course I stupidly googled 'late period IUD' and was faced with page after page of pregnancy stories, to the point where I'm wondering how anyone has managed to NOT get pregnant on the IUD (I do get the feeling some of these posters in these forums are the wrong side of crazy though...)

So im now a trembling ball of anxiety. I've started eating chocolate for breakfast and hoarding different brands of pregnancy tests. I've looked up my options if I am pregnant which needless to say has NOT helped. Everything around me seems to be about babies and pregnancy. I've told my partner who seems strangely relaxed, he keeps telling me even I'm not that unlucky!

so I guess I'm here looking for a bit of sanity, has anyone else experienced something similar? Is the 5th month after fitting too soon to be expecting a regular period? Is chocolate a healthy breakfast option when you're stressed? All comments gratefully received (unless you've had 6 kids on the copper IUD, in which case please don't tell me that...:-) )

Age 28
Copper IUD (nova t-380)
No kids
Borderline insane
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No longer a diva

So after 6+ months I am no longer an IUD Diva. I had my Mirena removed about a week ago.

I was still dealing with regular painful cramping for no real reason, increased discharge to the point I was wearing pads or pantyliners daily just to keep from soaking my pants, and I still felt that I had a very strong odor probably due to the almost constant spotting. Feeling that something MUST be wrong, I went back to the Dr to be checked out.

They told me everything was fine. Did an ultrasound and it was placed correctly, did tests and said I had no infections. They told me "It takes some people longer than 6 months to adjust to Mirena. You have to decide if the benefits are worth dealing with these side effects until they go away, if they do."

Since they had no real fixes or answers, couldnt really tell me that it would get better, and I was basically fed up with all of this I decided to have it removed. Removal was pretty easy. Uncomfortable, a little bit of cramping when they took it out but it was nothing compared to the insertion.

I have to say so far I feel much better with it gone. The cramps have basically disappeared, I had some spotting initially after removal but that is now gone, and my discharge has pretty much gone back to normal.