July 6th, 2013


Suspect My IUD Is Embedded/Expelling - Thoughts?

Backstory: 32, NP.  Previously had a Mirena IUD from 2006-2011 but the hormones caused so many side effects in the long run I didn't want another.  Doctors refused to do a tubal for me despite my latex allergy and poor response to hormonal BC.  The proposed solution:  in August 2011, they did an endometrial ablation and inserted a Paragard same time (I have heavy cycles, originally wanted a hysterectomy to stop that and pregnancy).

Until recently, everything's been great:  my periods are spotting affairs that last maybe 3 days, I cramp but I can live.  About a month ago, I began experiencing almost daily recurring pain in my pelvic region.  Because my cycles are irregular, I ignored it as possible cramps.  About a week later, yep, 3 days of spotting.  But when it stopped, I kept cramping.  The pain also spread across my entire pelvic region and up my right back near my kidney.  This pain persisted for another week, at which point I couldn't take the waves of crampy, sharp pain and saw my doctor.  I also had discharge issues, but my STI screens are clear.

Because I suffer from chronic stomach issues too, after pressing around and seeing where I was tender, she decided it could be too many things (appendix, kidney infection, my IUD is to blame) but felt that because I also had pain after urinating that I had a serious kidney infection that had gone unnoticed for a while. I have had that happen with UTIs before, so I took the antibiotics and she said to go to the ER if it all got worse.

Took the antibiotics and the pain near my kidney decreased.  But finished them and I still had pelvic cramping and after a couple days, the kidney/back pain returned.  I've booked in this Monday for abdominal/pelvic/transvaginal ultrasounds at her request.  She really feels the IUD is the culprit.  Edit: we did do urine cultures; the first was mixed bacteria which she said could be BV related, the second I need to call and check on and was done midstream to avoid cross-contamination.

I thought expulsion was typically painless overall, but checking the tags and googling around, I've seen that's not always true.  I have had some nausea/lack of desire to eat.  My strings are also significantly longer - I used to either not be able to find them or barely, if I slid a finger in, feel them on the tip of my finger; now, they're almost two knuckles long.  I did have this happen with my Mirena strings and it turned out they'd just been looped up inside my uterus and dropped lower.  I also discovered from my husband that the string issue has been there the whole time I've been in pain, because when I told him they were longer and maybe they were jabbing my cervix (I had to go to the ER with Mirena for pain and that's what it was), he said, "Yeah, I believe it!  They jabbed me the last time we had sex and it hurts like hell!"

What I'm really worried about, especially since my uterine lining was a surgical site right before insertion, is that it's embedded into the walls near my cervix.  Or ectopic pregnancy.  Any experiences/thoughts?

TL;DR: Paragard same day as endometrial ablation, 2 years ago.  Previously 5 yrs of Mirena.  Pelvic cramping, more to the right, for four weeks,  Weird discharge; strings a lot longer, pain radiating to kidneys, light nausea recurring.  Expulsion?  Embedded?  Ectopic pregnancy? 

Some questions and nerves

Hi all,

I'm scheduled to get a Paragard for the first time at the beginning of August and I'm a little scared/worried.

I've been following for quite some time and have tried to find entries where my particular questions/concerns were addressed in the past but I didn't seem to find them, so I've put my questions and concerns under a cut.

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I'm sorry for all the questions, but I can't seem to find anything that isn't a scare tactic or something that really makes me scared to get this IUD inserted.

Any comments/help would be very much appreciated! Thank you. 

Missing period on Paragard?

Hey Divas! I should first let you all know that I created a LJ for the sole purpose of following IUD_Diva-- I read it a whole lot while I was making my decision. But now that I have my IUD, I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to so I'm turning to you ladies once again. I had my paragard inserted on June 19th; it was super easy with minimal cramping and bleeding and by day 3 (June 21st) I felt totally normal and was able to have sex. However, I've been spotting ever since, sometimes it's really heavy and sometimes super light. My period should have started about 9 days ago (June 27th) and I've had some mild cramps and days of slightly heavier bleeding, but nothing resembling a real period (especially because I know it's supposed to be heavier and more crampy than usual). I talked to my Doctor and he said to take a pregnancy test, which I did, and it was negative. SO I'm still here with no answers and continual spotting. Has anyone else had an experience like this? And how long did you spot after insertion-- I'm tired of always wearing a panty liners!

Thanks for any help!