July 5th, 2013

Mirena and Fibroadenomas

Hello, Divas:

This will be my third post seeking advice in regards to my IUD. I absolutely love that we have a place to turn to in times of IUD joys and troubles.

For some background, aside from what I have already posted here before, I have struggled with recurrent, multiple bilateral fibroadenomas since I was 17. I've had two separate lumpectomies removing the fibroadenomas in the past. Unfortunately, my breasts love producing these damn things. Anyway, fast-forward to the present...I'm now 30, and things have gone haywire.
Typically, I have an ultrasound done every year to keep an eye on my existing fibroadenomas. That is nothing new. Like I said, I've been doing this since I was 17. However, at my last healthy women's exam, my doctor lost count of the fibroadenomas she was feeling. She ordered an ultrasound and an MRI. Both reports counted "15 or more" fibroadenomas in the left breast, and "9 or more" in the right breast. I've never had this many. Ever. It's only been 3-4 here and there. Now, I'm looking at over 20 "benign tumors". It's been psychologically taxing to say the least. My OBGYN had me referred out to City of Hope. As some of you may know, that is one of the premier cancer centers in the nation. While my current specialist at City of Hope does not believe I'm at risk for cancer, since fibroadenomas usually aren't, he says I'm a very rare case. He has never seen a case like mine. We're actually talking about a double-mastectomy if the fibroadenomas get to be too large and continue to grow in numbers.

So, how does this relate to the Mirena? Well, I've been doing some research. Although there is minimal info, I have been seeing some women say they now have fibroadenomas after the insertion of their Mirena. Have any of you experienced this? Have you seen any research that might suggest the increased risk of fibroadenomas with the use of Mirena?

Here's the major potential bummer: I had the Paragard before. My periods were so painful and gnarly, I switched to Mirena. I've had the Mirena for a little over a year now.
I'm not sure if I can actually go back to the Paragard again. However, if there is a correlation, I obviously have to pull the plug on the Mirena. I'm at a major crossroads right now.

Any experiences or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Divas!


Three weeks with Skyla; internal swelling normal?

I got the Skyla inserted three weeks ago and it is my first time having an IUD. I have never had children. Prior to Skyla I was on lo loestrin as my doctor believed I may have endometriosis as the cause of my pain during intercourse. I believe the pain I had was a mental issue along with an inability to fully relax.

Fast forward to now: every time my boyfriend and I have intercourse, it hurts. Worse every time. We have had intercourse 4 times since the IUD insertion and the pain is completely different from the pain I experienced previously. This pain feels like I am swollen inside, leading up to my cervix. Almost as if we had REALLY ROUGH SEX and I am still swollen/sore from it only we have not had really rough sex. I assumed the first two times it was just the freshness of the IUD however the last two times have felt more and more swollen each time.

Only other problems I have had was cramping from time to time and I did pass a small blood clot (size of a quarter maybe) but I expected that, I have not had a period in 4 years (depo shot before the lo loestrin)

My question is: Is this a normal side effect to the IUD? Will it (hopefully) go away with time? Or am I having a reaction to the IUD and this is only going to go downhill :( ?

Thank you all! This community helped me a lot when I was considering getting an IUD in the first place <3