July 2nd, 2013

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I have had the paragard for three years. I had It inserted a few months after I had my son in April 2010. The first year I was fine. Just recently since last fall I have been having horrible problems with cramps and missing a few periods. Back in October I went too the ER afraid I had a tubal pregnancy. The cramps were so severe. After about 10 tests everything checked out fine. The said I was just having stomache spasims and I had what looked like the beginning of athe urinary track infection. January came along and I had the same problem again. I was having severe cramps and missing yet another period. The doctor told me I was probably missing my period because of stress. After a few tests he said everything was fine. Now I am sitting in July and feeling these horrible cramps yet again. My last period was on the week of May 8th. I took two pregnancy tests last week. Both came up negative. I have read online that after a few years the IUD gets old. I don't understand why If I have the 10 year one. I have also read that a tubal pregnancy won't show with a home pregnancy test. Exspecially If you have an IUD. I know you shouldent believe everything you read online but I guess my nerves and anxiety are catching up too me. I just need someone who may have gone through what I'm going through.
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Constantly bleeding. Is this happening to ANYONE else??

Hi! My name is Cait and I had Mirena inserted in July of 2012.

I am a single 26 y/o, single, childless female who wanted to try out Mirena because I have an irregular, heavy, and long period (bleeding for 5-15 days every 13-33 days) since I began menstruating. I had been seeing the same gyno for 2-3 years and she had mentioned Mirena to me, since we had tried EVEYTHING else (various forms of the birth control pill, nuva ring, patch-- I wanted to stay away from the DEPO shot just because of all the negative things I've heard and seen first hand from my female friends).

INSERTION: Was very painful and awful. I had been on my period for about 23 days (near a month) when the Mirena was inserted, so I suspect that I was extra 'tender' and 'sensitive' due to the use of tampons. I was not having sex during this time. For me, the insertion was the worst. It felt like my doctor was poking my uterus with a hot poker, and it felt like she was doing this for forever. The doctor was concerned about placement so I had an ultra sound in her office and found out that placement was just fine. I think I was moreso in shock of what just happened than anything. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but this is just how I remember it feeling.

AFTER INSERTION: I was told that I would have my period for about three more weeks, which I was dreading, but I did have my period for three more weeks and then it went away. I remember my dr. telling me to check for the strings after my appt. and I did, but I did not feel any strings, so this was not exactly a shock for me when my dr. told me she couldn't feel the strings for my follow-up visit in late August/early September 2012 my doctor confirmed that the strings had recoiled. She gave me another ultra sound and everything was good. My only real concern was getting this thing out of me-- if it ever was to come to that.

SIDE EFFECTS: For me, personally, my side effects have been moderately low. My mood has stablized (I'm less moody, but I do find myself crying more during movies or when watching Animal planet), my skin has cleared up, my weight is stable, my hair hasnt fallen out. But things started to take a dramatic turn for the worst around December/January of 2012. I had my last OBGYN appt. with the dr. that inserted the Mirena on December 3rd, along with an STD/STI/HIV& AIDS screenings, routine procedure along with my well womans exam. She gave me an ultra sound and everything relating to the placement of my Mirena was fine. January rolls around and I have my period for three to four weeks. This I felt was different because I was ON birth control; it was lodged INSIDE of me. WHY WAS I BLEEDING FOR SO LONG. It was heavy at first, then spotty, but consistently spotty (2-3 regular tampons a day). I recently moved across the country and had to seek out a new Dr. and fast. I found a gyno. via my health providers list. Seeing her was an awful experience. She was a terrible dr. who was very rough and had poor bedside manner. She offered me very little insight as to why I was bleeding for as long as I was, and gave me two options: birth control pills or the Nuva Ring. I took the Nuva ring and went home. She offered to insert it for me, but considering how awful the pelvic exam went, I just wanted to get out of her office. I inserted the Nuva Ring at home using a cardboard tampon (which I had always done in the past), only this time it came out in 4 days and fell onto the bathroom floor. I threw it away and had my period for two more weeks. I then had my period again Feb. 11th 2013- April 2nd, 2013. It was heavy at first, then consistently spotty for the last three weeks. I didn't seek out a gyno because I was just so irritated with all of this that I just wished it would stop. And it did. Eventually.
SO AGAIN I get my period. It started on April 23rd, 2013, to present (July 2nd, 2013). I did see a new doctor and she put me on birth control pills. I was told that it was "okay" to go from pack to pack without stopping, and so I do. But my period hasn't quit. Even though I was taking the pill. I finally got fed up and saw the dr. again, only this time it was with a nurse practioner in the same practice, and she tells me that, "yeahh, taking your b.c. back to back wasnt a great idea"... I get a script for an ultra sound, everything is in place and looks good, and so she puts me on Progesterone. (I should mention, I had my iron levels checked twice and my thyroid checked and everything was good!) I have been taking progesterone, twice a day, from June 10th to June 13th, then once a day. I have an ultra sound, I tell the nurse practioner that I am still bleeding she tells me that it would be 'okay to take two progesteron pills until it stops". Well, nurse, I STILL HAVE MY PERIOD. My body just won't quit. I do not understand why this is happening to me, but my period is only lasting longer, each and every time I get it. Also, I was dating a gentleman who was very well endowed and very thrusty. Everytime he would go deep, I felt a very sharp and uncomfortable pain in my uterus. I got really freaked out that he may have shifted it, and it may have perforated my uterus, or something else really awful. I stopped taking the progesterone because nothing was happening. My period was still consistently spotty, even though I was taking pills to make it stop. The nurse practitioner wanted me to continue taking these pills until my period stopped, and then take them to make it stop to get me regular. Well, call me impatient, but we never quite got there because I saw a different doctor this time.

I recently had blood drawn to check my clotting factors, because my family practice doctor has a suspicion that I may be missing a blood clotting factor. But the truth of the matter is, I have had enough. I am making an appointment to have it removed. I know that it is going to be very painful, especially since I've had spotty to heavy bleeding for 70 days. The doctor who inserted it told me that since the strings recoiled I will have to have my cervix reopened, then a 'tiny' brush will scrape my cervix to 'fish' the strings out. Once the strings are found the dr. will then use a different device to pull the IUD out. This all sounds awful, especially since I am going to have to have my cervix forcibly reopened.
I have read some really awful stuff that once having the IUD removed I will gain weight and then it will be a pain to take off. But at this point I am willing to sacrifice a pant or dress size(s) to stop the bleeding. I have been bleeding for almost half of the year and I CANNOT CONTINUE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. I am considering trying out the Implanon birth control device.. Any reviews??

I've tried to look into other blogs and no one has had anything close to my irregular bleeding and complications. I hope this helps those that are in the same boat that I'm in. Any insight you can provide about your experience with IUD's would be greatly appreciated . If it's positive and you've had zero side effects, consider yourself lucky and keep those things to yourself. I'm a woman in need here.

Thanks for reading! Stay Healthy!!

Mirena crash before removal?

Hi all, sorry if I'm not looking yet but I'm hoping to have an answer asap as I feel like *I'm losing my mind*.

Been on Mirena for 4 years and 9 months (to the day, actually). Mirena had what I like to call a "happy side effect" of making my mood significantly better. Almost like hormonal Prozac or something.

Well, after 4 years, I started noticing my bliss was waning, and over the last couple of weeks in particular, I've become Mega-Bitch. I am so moody, and it's little things that are getting to me at this point. And this is exactly how I was before Mirena. Of course it's up and down, I'm not in constant bitch mode (and there are triggers - just seems to be a lot more of them these days). Plus every time I get the least bit frustrated. I start tearing up. It's beyond annoying.

Anyway, has anyone else noticed the "crash" before removal? This is a bit more of a subtle crash as it's still in me, at least until these last couple of weeks. I only really made the connection yesterday, and actually never even heard the term "Mirena crash" prior to yesterday.

I'm calling my doctor to get the ball rolling on getting this thing replaced. I was going to wait but I don't think my sanity will let me wait.

Thank you to anyone who can help me feel like I'm not just losing my mind, and I apologize in advance if this has been asked already. And now I have to go to work and deal with people again (oh yeah, it's affecting me at work now).
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Skyla Diva

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my story about my Skyla experience thus far. I am late 20s, NP, and have been on the pill for about 6 years, and then the Nuva Ring for a couple of years before that. I had no complaints about the pill (other than having to remember to take it), but decided I was ready for a change. I went to my doctor last March to ask about the implant, but she strongly advised against it and told me all this new IUD called Skyla. It was not yet approved by my insurance company yet so I waited until May 28 to have my Skyla inserted.

I did not take anything to soften my cervix before insertion, and went on day 6 of the placebo pills in my pill pack. My period had already finished, and insertion was quite painful, but quick. After it was over I felt fine, albeit a little crampy, and was on my way home. I was a little bit scared of my Skyla the first couple of days thinking it might fall out when I went to the bathroom (I knew this wasn't possible, but I still kept thinking it), but everything turned out fine.

I lightly bled for 2 weeks after insertion. Not enough to require a tampon, but I would notice a bit of blood when I would go to the bathroom or checked my strings. Exactly 2 weeks after insertion the bleeding stopped. My first period came about 4 weeks after placement, and lasted about 3 days. Again, the bleeding was so light I didn't require a tampon. My follow up visit at the doctor went well, and she said I wouldn't have to come back until my next annual appointment.

Overall, I haven't had any issue with Skyla other than mild daily cramping. I'm hopping that this will pass over time. My skin has stayed clear, and my weight stable. If anyone has any questions about my experience with Skyla I will gladly answer!