July 1st, 2013

Paragard insert update

Hi guys!

Figured I'd give an update now that I got my paragard about a half hour ago. I am on day 3 of my period and took 100mg misoprostal last night and 100mg this morning, followed by 800 mg ibuprofen. I was a nervous babbling wreck and made my friend come in with me (I actually almost chickened out.) It was so not bad though! My cervix is pretty sensitive so the swab and numbing gel irritated me a little but not more than a pap smear. Then she injected more numbing stuff which I didn't even feel. The sounding took about 10 seconds, and was probably the worst part but no worse than a bad menstrual cramp. The actual insertion felt similar. Then she trimmed the strings, tidied up and we were done!

Thanks everyone who answered my last post! I now have only mild cramps, barely noticeable and I'm looking forward to not having to worry about pregnancy!

Decided on Skyla- Can't Find It! Anyone in MN?

Hello all!

Based on the lovely advice of some close friends and many of you posting here on Iud divas, I've decided that Skyla would be a great option for me. Only problem is I can't find a provider that does it!

So.. anyone here that got Skyla inserted in the Twin Cities (MN)?

Or.. if you have some great way to find out- that would help, too. I've already called the customer service line from Skyla and didn't really find anything out.

Thanks, all! I'm excited to become an iud diva soon ;)

(no subject)

Hey guys, I am new to this and I have a question I got the copper IUD on Tuesday the 25th because I hate hormonal BC pills . It is hard to tell if it is in the same place or not.
Day 1: I was not allowed to check it
Day 2: It was curled up and I was still afraid of it so I did not push it
Day 3: I moved the string down and I could feel it at the second knuckle of my middle finger
Day 4: I could feel it between the second and first knuckle of my middle finger, so t was a little lower
Day 5: Same thing
Day 6: I can feel it closer to my first knuckle which means it is lower again.

I don't know if I should go get it checked out or not.
-I am supposed to start my period on Wednesday and that apparently is supposed to make it feel lower
-I have not had any pains since the first day except a random little one here and there that doesn't bother me and even the first day they were really really dull.
-I am still light bleeding though which I know is normal.
-I don't think I can feel the plastic of the IUD poking through or anything yet, but I can not be certain because I have only been checking out my cervix for the past 6 days.

Should I go have it checked out?