June 28th, 2013

Trying again

I got my first IUD (ParaGard) inserted two days ago, but it had partially expelled within the first 6 hours! I went back to Planned Parenthood this afternoon and had them remove it, as well as insert another ParaGard. Fortunately for me, the Take Charge program covered the second insertion. Although the Dr. couldn't say for sure what had happened, she said there was a possibility that it wasn't inserted correctly the first time, and the chance of it expelling a second time is really pretty slim.
While the insertion process was just as painful the second time, the cramping is a little worse and a bit more focused on the left side (anyone know why this might be?) but hardly any bleeding. Not unbearable, but for now, Advil and heating pad are my best friends. Let's just hope that everything works out the second time around!

Having sex on your period with Paragard

For those of you who've seen my post earlier wondering where my period is...I still haven't gotten it. I haven't slept all night because I've been stressing over it..which can make it even later, awesome.

My question is, is Paragard even effective if you have sex on your period (without a condom)?
During my last period, my boyfriend and I did this and he made sure to pull out before finishing. Besides this, a few weeks afterwards we didn't use a condom for only a few seconds. It's making me question things because I'll be a week late soon..
Besides that, all other times we had sex was with a condom.

Please be kind, I'm still getting used to my Paragard and have anxiety issues at times.
I think I might buy a test just to keep my sanity in order and get some sleep again...

Weird position Paragard

Hi Diva's!

I went to my gyn this morning because she called me yesterday and asked me to come in. She was doubting about my ultrasound from a week ago.. She thought that I had the Mirena but thats not the case, I have a Paragard (which I love btw)
She really wanted to see me because she was concerned that my IUD was malpositioned. I went in for another ultrasound and on this one she saw that my IUD was a bit lower than it suppused to be and the odd thing is, she thinks that the IUD legs are pointing in the direction of the top of my uterus. I cannot draw right now but she meant something like this --<

Not that extreme but she saw on the ultrasound that the legs touched my uturus. She send me through to a collegue in another city to check and make another ultrasound. Thing is, I am scared like *&%^% right now..
I really want this IUD to stay in :(. I already did a pregnancy test a couple of hours ago so that eased my mind a bit. But still.. I am supposed to get my period today, but I will do another pregnancy test on Monday since the next appointment is on Wednesday.

What do you Diva's think about this? I'm stressed out a little. And what should I do when this one has to be removed.. Mirena? I'm not sure if I will trust another Paragard in my weirdo uterus.

Thanks for reading :)
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No bleeding?

I got my first IUD (ParaGard) three days ago, but it partially expelled almost immediately, so I got another one inserted yesterday. The strings are the same as they were yesterday (which is actually a lot longer than I was expecting,) and yay! No plastic poking out!
I was expecting tons of bleeding, but both times this wasn't the case. It was very light, and mostly looked like a mucous-y discharge streaked with blood, but even that's stopped by now. I still have come pretty uncomfortable, mostly left-sided cramping, but all in all, everything seems to be going pretty well. I was wondering, though, if the heavier bleeding will end up creeping up on me, or if it'll generally wait for my period? I started a really light second period (brought on by taking two single dose Plan B pills within a week and a half of each other) the day before I got the first one inserted, but the bleeding stopped all together by early afternoon the following day. I just don't want any nasty surprises if I'm not at home to take care of them!

Strings too long or just perfect?

Hi Divas, So I am 3 weeks in to having the paragard. I feel great, some occasional cramps occur but nothing crazy. I was on HBC pills for years before, and only had a light period after install. I just felt for my strings and i feel like they might be too long? Not really sure where they should be, but I am worried that if i can reach them with my index finger a tampon or my SO might tug them out. Is an index finger reach a good place for them or should i get them trimmed soon? Thanks for all the great advice so far.