June 22nd, 2013

sklya: is it really better than Mirena for nullip?

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I've been around here in Iud_Divas, mostly because I had my Mirena removed about 6 months ago. I had had it in for 6 months, and just could not deal with the constant cramping... after exercise, after sex, after going for a walk, after anything that involved movement, it seemed. I was gaining some weight, but I don't think it was the hormones.. getting on the elliptical was just too crampy and uncomfortable and I didn't want to work out anymore. My Mirena insertion was also rather traumatic and one of the most painful things i've experienced. I had a few hormonal effects like acne and sometimes mood swings, though those were smoothing out by the 5th month. Perhaps if not for the constant crampiness I could have kept it. I'm 28, NP, and don't want children.

I just discovered today that there's a new IUD out there that was actually designed for nullips called Skyla. I can't find a lot of information out there on whether this might be a better option though--as in, do women experience less cramping because it's slightly smaller? I looked up the measurements and it's not THAT much smaller, really. Has anyone here had both and experienced a difference? Is this something I might look into as another option or should I rule it out because it will most likely feel the same as the Mirena?

Thanks for any insights you might have...

New Diva - FibroPlant

Hey Divas,

As of today, I am a Diva too! Thanks for the tons of information I got from this community, it helped me to be really prepared and make an informed decision.

A little background:
I am 28 (going on 29 way to fast), NP, working in the medical field and in a long-term, committed relationship. After 10 years on and off hormonal birth control, I started to experience worsening side-effects (muscle aches, mood swings fast enough to give me a whiplash, almost no sex drive etc). So I started looking in to other options.

The decision for an IUD was made after doing a lot of research. I had my heart set on the Gynefix, as I know my body and I had a feeling that a regular t-shaped IUD would not sit right with me. This has been proven today, as it turns out my uterus might even be too small for a Mirena. Unfortunately, my own gyn does not insert the Gynefix. So I got in touch with Dr. Wildemeersch, the creator of the Gynefix (I live in Belgium). Luckily for me, he does appointments on Saturday. So the appointment was set, during my period.

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Let me know if you have questions, I'll gladly answer them for you.