June 18th, 2013


Liberte 380 UT Short insertion

Hey girls :) I'm new to the community but read a lot of your reviews before making a final decision to get the IUD. I thought I'd pay back the favour and explain my experience :)

I'm 20, no children, and live on the east coast of Canada. I had a lot of trouble finding articles on the Liberte IUD, I'm assuming because its only available here. I've been on Nuva Ring for about 3-4 years now. I used to love it, until I realized the negative affects hormones were causing. Covered in unexplainable cystic acne that no treatments will cure, zero sex drive, constant crankiness (although that could just be me lol). I decided it was time to try a natural option.

My boyfriend was NOT thrilled at my decision because he thinks I'm a guinea pig for these, but I'm confident in my choice now :)

I only got my procedure done an hour ago. I was in the clinic for 15 minutes. It was quick and easy. My gynecologist and her nurse were wonderful at keeping me calm and walking me through it. The doctor prescribed me Naproxen for pain the night before and morning of, along with Misoprostol to insert vaginally to dilate my cervix. It caused minor cramping, but nothing worse than light period cramps. She also prescribed me Ativan to put under my tongue right before the procedure, due to the panic attacks I had all week leading up to this lol. I was way more nervous than I should have been.

Inserting the speculum and getting cleaned out is not painful, and not nearly as annoying as a pap. When she measured my cervix it was like an intensified cramp for about 10 seconds. The worst pain was because my reaction was to laugh. I guess that's how ativan works with me haha. Putting the IUD itself in was no worse than the measuring, and again only about a 10-20 second pain. The nurse told me to wiggle my toes and that helped distract me. She removed the speculum and I still felt a cramp, but just like a light period one. I expected it to be WAY worse! I also don't have a high pain tolerance.

It's been just over an hour and I just have dull cramps. I'm super drowsy from the ativan and lack of sleep so I'm going to try napping. I'll post an update in a month's time to let you all know how I'm doing :)

If you're considering getting one, ignore the awful horror stories online. They just psych you out and make you more paranoid. I wish I hadn't of done that, because the procedure really wasn't bad at all. Just got for it!