June 14th, 2013

IUDs in the News - Should You Become an IUD Diva?

BodyBlog: Should You Become an IUD Diva?

The intrauterine device, or IUD, is the most popular form of contraception worldwide. But not in the U.S., where oral contraceptives are the most commonly used form of birth control. Why? In the 70s and 80s, lots of poorly conducted research incorrectly linked IUDs to serious infections. It was also thought that IUDs might affect future fertility, so they were only recommended for women who had already had children and wanted to prevent future pregnancies. But better research has disproved all of these fears, and now IUDs are becoming more popular among young, unmarried, childless women. And they’re blogging about it, too, on sites like IUD Diva.


Great article!  Just wanted to share it.
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Should I be blaming my Mirena for my break outs?

I had acne from age 12 to 27. At 27 I was able to get rid of it with prescription drug Spironolactone. It's been working wonderfully for almost 2 years now, but suddenly shortly after getting my Mirena I'm starting to get more and more frequent break outs. It started with 1 active pimple a week to about 4 now.

I've now had the Mirena for 4 months. Did anyone else get break outs and then have it settle back down over time? How much time? I suffered with acne for 15 years, I don't want to live this life again feeling hideous on a daily basis. Please give me some hope if there is any, otherwise I have no choice but to have it removed. :( :( :(

UPDATE: Happy to report, my skin has already cleared up. This was the first month I didn't have a period so maybe that's why I got a flare up. 

Partially expelled IUD 5 days post insertion :(

I am 21, nulliparous, and I posted earlier about my first IUD being partially expelled after only a year. I went to planned parenthood and got a new one put in (#2) the same day. I didn't experience as much pain in the insertion this time. actually the measuring uterus part hurt more than the actual insertion! After two-three days I was right as rain. I checked my strings today since its the end of my period and I felt the bottom of my paragard. I'm going to walk-in to planned parenthood tomorrow, but I only want the paragard and not other birth control. Anyone have suggestions as to why it was expelled so soon?